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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will I stay?

There are many houses and apartments available near the school. We will help you find suitable housing for you.

What is the time frame like?

We ask teachers to make a two year commitment to teaching at the school.

Do I need to be certified?

No, though having a teacher certificate is very helpful. We can work with you to acquire necessary certification. However, most teacher applicants must have a four-year degree.

When will I need to arrive?

The school year begins in mid-May.

Will I need to take Thai language courses?

It is not necessary for teachers to know Thai before arrival. However, we require teachers to take language courses once in Thailand, so that they can better understand the people whom they are here to serve. We will assist in making courses available to you.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

We are aiming for twenty students per class. Currently, the average number of students per class is less than twenty.

How much planning time will I get?

Due to the special challenges of working in a bilingual school abroad, we are committed to providing extra time for development and preparation.

Which organization should I use to raise funds?

Our staff have nearly unlimited options. We encourage staff to connect with Commission to Every Nation, a missionary sending agency that provides excellent training, pastoral care, and administrative support. Staff may also choose to be sent through their church or denomination or a sending agency with which the individual has existing connections.

Where is the School of Promise located?

The School of Promise is located in Hang Dong, Thailand. This is a community outside of Chiang Mai, which is one of the largest cities in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city with a large missionary population. Many mission organizations have their East Asian headquarters in Chiang Mai, and many missionaries complete their Thai language and cultural training here. Because it is home to so many foreigners, you can find most any product or activity you want in Chiang Mai. Since the School of Promise is outside of Chiang Mai, it provides access to international amenities as well as a grounding in Thai community and culture.

Where will my children attend school?

There are several very good international schools in Chiang Mai, including Grace International School and Unity Concord International School.

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