The Pre-School Program is designed for a child’s first exploration into a school experience and seeks to instill positive feelings toward learning.

Our goals are:

  • to foster an enthusiasm for learning.
  • to show kindness and respect for one another.
  • to promote independence.
  • to provide opportunities to develop social skills.
  • to increase attention span.
  • to participate in prayer, classroom and school activities.

Daily Schedule:


Table Activities-fine motor and problem solving activities.

Circle Time-prayer, pledge, songs, calendar, literacy and math activities.

Religion-lessons in the Catholic faith, encouraging the child to have a friendship with God.

Snack-nutritious snacks brought from home.

Activity/Center Time-hands on activities that use learning centers as a means for active learning.

Small group-teacher guided lessons to teach specific readiness skills.

Outdoor Play-free play in playground

Weekly Specials: Music, Library, Art, Physical Education, and Technology

Dismissal- half-day students


Outdoor Play-free play in playground

Afternoon Activities-quiet activities to get ready to rest

Quiet Time

Story Time