Grade 3

Third Grade Curriculum & Expectations:

Religion: Christ My Life

~ Third graders will attend monthly First Friday Masses and Masses on Holy Days, along with weekly prayer services.

~ We will be learning about God’s Kingdom of Love and the traditions of the Holy Catholic Church by studying the sacraments, focusing on the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.

~ We will also be learning about a Patron Saint by researching, creating a project, and presenting what we have learned about our saints on All Saints Day in November.

Math: Progress in Mathematics (Sadlier-Oxford)

~ The Progress in Mathematics program focuses on many different topics including: Place Value, Number Operations, Statistics & Probability, Measurement, Time, Geometry, Fractions & Decimals, and finally getting ready for Algebra!

~ Students will be using the textbook, worksheets, manipulatives and a math journal on a daily basis.

~ Students will be practicing math fast facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) on a regular basis.

~ Assessments will be given after each chapter unit

Reading/LA/Writing: Harcourt Storytown & Zaner-Bloser Strategies for Writers

~ Students will be reading in both small and whole group sessions.

~ Students will be learning strategies for comprehension, decoding, oral fluency, and vocabulary, and being assessed periodically on these.

~ Students will have weekly spelling words, using a pre-test at the beginning of the week and a post-test at the end to assess. They will use strategies such as spelling patterns, phonics, writing & proofreading, and using words in context.

~ Students will be learning and being assessed on all aspects of grammar, including punctuation, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, subjects, predicates, abbreviations, compound words, etc.

~ Students will begin the learning process of writing skills including prewriting, drafts, revising, editing and publishing for the different forms of writing - Narrative, Expository, & Persuasive.

Social Studies: McGraw-Hill Communities

~ Students will be learning about the different types of communities - rural, urban & suburban - and cultures of the people who live in these communities, both in the US and in other countries. Some of these will include our communities in New England, Native American communities, and communities in the western part of North & Central America.

~ Students will learn the continents of the world and about hemispheres.

~ Students will be learning how to read and use maps.

~ Assessments will be given periodically at the end of units and/or chapters.