Middle School Grade 5

Grade 5 Curriculum


What is Worship?

Sacraments of Initiation

Parts of the Mass

Sacraments of Healing

Sacraments of Vocation

Review Commandments


Master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers

Understand place value

Make reasonable estimates

Identify prime and composite numbers

Read and write decimals

Compare, order and round decimals

Reduce fractions to lowest terms

Write compare, order and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions

Solve word problems

Relate fractions to percents



Use the Order of Operations Rule

Algebraic expressions and equations

Geometry: lines, angles, circles ,triangles, polygons

Basic Measurement: customary, metric, capacity, mass, perimeter,area


Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Digestive System

Skeletal System

Labs and lab reports

Nancy Larson Science

Solar System


Periodic Table of Elements

Structure of an atom

Types of bonding

Labs and lab reports

Discussions, oral presentations

Social Studies

Understanding graphs and diagrams

Landforms in the U.S.

Map skills

Early Native American cultures

Exploring and colonizing in the New world by European countries

13 colonies

Independence from Great Britain

Projects , reports and debates, essays, discussions, oral presentations

Language Arts

Continue to develop Reading skills including, making inferences, drawing conclusions, spelling and vocabulary, public speaking.


Grammar: parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation

Implement each stage of the writing process

Learn different types of writing experiences.