MS Religion /English Vocabulary

Religion Grades 6,7,8

Students in the Middle School program at SMSJ School begin in the sixth grade with a study of the Old Testament and history of the Jewish people, building upon the popular Bible stories with which they are usually familiar.

Seventh grade students focus their attention on the New Testament and the study of Jesus from several different perspectives contained in the Gospels. From learning about life in first century Palestine to the examination of the Gospel accounts themselves, students are able to better understand both the human as well as divine nature of Christ.

Eighth grade students take up where the Gospels end and study the Church itself, and its history, from its very beginnings to present day.

In addition, students are encouraged to explore and compare the basic teachings of other religions in addition to Christianity.

As for textbooks, we use the Christ Our Life series by Loyola Press

As well as Voyages, also by Loyola Press.

English -Vocabulary

The entire Middle School English program for each grades 6,7 & 8 will consist of the following components, with increased levels of difficulty as students advance in grade. The emphasis will be on writing with confidence, conviction and clarity while using the standard forms of convention.(ie: grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.)

The students will study and compose, utilizing the Writing Process, from seven basic genres: Narrative, Informative, Descriptive, Persuasive, Expository, Storytelling, and Research.

STREAM Expo 2018 Grade 6