MS Math/Science

Middle School Math and Science

Teacher: Sr. Mary Loreto, SCMC


Middle School Math and Science

Teacher: Sr. Mary Loreto, SCMC


Sr. Mary Loreto, who has been in education for 38 years, is a member of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church ( Sister has a BS and MS in education from ECSU. She also has an MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton. Sister has a post-master’s certificate in Theology from Holy Family College and Seminary which is located in Cromwell, CT.


Texts: Sadlier Math, Grade Six for grade six; Sadlier-Oxford Fundamentals of Algebra text and workbook for grade seven; Sadlier-Oxford Foundations of Algebra text and workbook for grade eight


- Pencils, erasers

- calculator

-metric ruler

Course Descriptions:

Sadlier Math 6 prepares students for pre-Algebra. Topics covered include fractions, decimals, rational numbers, algebraic expressions, percent and much more.

Pre-Algebra prepares students for grade eight algebra. Topics range from integers to ratio and proportion. Depending on the class, geometry and probability will be studied.

Foundations of Algebra gives eighth graders a “head-start” for high school algebra. Some high schools allow students to skip algebra if they pass a test offered by their high school. Topics include rational numbers, real numbers, equations, inequalities, polynomials and factoring. Other topics may be covered if time allows.

Homework: Math homework will usually include practice with concepts taught during the day. Often math homework is assigned for the weekend. Homework will be graded according to the discretion of the teacher. Occasionally homework will count as a “pop” quiz grade.

Evaluation: Grades at the end of each semester are based on exam scores, homework / classwork assignments and class participation. Approximate grade breakdown is as follows:

Tests 40%

Quizzes 30%

Homework 20%

Class Participation / Behavior 10%

Exams/Quizzes: Quizzes are typically given at the end of the week. Chapter tests will be administered after every chapter.


Texts: 1. Pearson Elevate Science Courses 1, 2 and 3

2. Online Portal includes E-Text and activities


- composition book

- Pencils, pens (blue/black), erasers

- calculator

-metric ruler

Course Description: Pearson Elevate Science is an integrated science program that encourages inquiry and problem-solving. Students will learn about a variety of science topics. They will have the opportunity to develop problem solving skills and gain scientific knowledge and skills through lectures, class discussions, and laboratory investigations. Students are required to read the text, take notes using the Cornell notetaking system, participate in class discussions, give written and oral answers to questions, and write reports on experiments.

Topics planned to be studied:

Grades Five/Six- matter, states of matter, energy, earth’s systems, weather, minerals and rocks

Grade Seven- cells, human body, reproduction (overall) and growth, ecosystems, electricity and magnetism

Grade Eight- atoms, periodic table, chemical reactions, forces and motion

Occasionally other topics may be introduced according to the discretion of the teacher.

Evaluation: Grades at the end of each semester are based on exam scores, homework / classwork assignments, class participation and lab work. Approximate grade breakdown is as follows:

Exams 40%

Quizzes 30%

Lab work 20%

Homework 10%

Homework: Science homework will usually include reading and completing text sections and doing online assignments on Pearson Realize. Each student has a portal. Sometimes lab. reports that were not finished will be completed at home. Homework counts as a grade according to the discretion of the teacher. Sometimes homework will count as a “pop” quiz.

Exams/Quizzes: Section quizzes will often be given. Chapter exams will be administered after every chapter.

For both math and science

CLASS PARTICIPATION / BEHAVIOR: Each student will a participation grade periodically. It will be based on behavior, tardiness and coming to class prepared.

LATE / MAKEUP WORK: Late work for reduced credit will be accepted unless the assignment was graded in class, the answers were given out or the assignment has been handed back to students. It is the student’s responsibility to check for any assignments they missed. Late work penalties:

Same day = - 10%

1-2 class days = - 20%

3 or more class days = - 50%

Classroom rules and expectations: Each student in the middle school was given the middle school rules the first day of school. In math, the students are to be the better versions of themselves. If they do this, they will be following rules.

Schoolwide policies will always be enforced in class.

Academic Integrity: Any copied assignment will result in all parties receiving a zero for the assignment. That includes the student who may have done their work but allowed someone else to copy. Any cheating on exams will result in a zero for the exam and a referral to the principal.

Any information stated here may change per instructor discretion. Also, all school rules and policies will be enforced in class.