Kindergarten Curriculum


The kindergarten religion program is designed to lead each child to a discovery of a loving God and creator. The program will guide the children to understand that God created people to love them, and to teach the children to love themselves and others. The children will have the opportunity to learn prayers and participate in liturgical celebrations throughout the school year.

Texts: Christ Our Life - Loyola, Family Life - Benzinger

Bible Stories



God’s Love

Christian Families

The Liturgical Year

Language Arts

The kindergarten language arts program focuses on reading comprehension, reading strategies, phonics and phonemic awareness. Children will have the opportunity to express, develop and substantiate ideas through oral and written language.

Text: Storytown - Harcourt

Letters and Sounds

Sight words

Reading decodable text

Journal writing

Story mapping



Types of Literature



The kindergarten math program is designed to create opportunities for the children to learn whole number concepts such as counting, cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, placing objects in one-to-one correspondence and classifying. The children will have opportunities to gather and record data and make predictions through many every day experiences. The children will solve problems that involve mathematical thinking skills in real life situations.

Text: Progress in Mathematics - Sadlier




Numbers/Counting to 100

Tables, graphs, fractions

Addition, subtraction





The kindergarten science program is designed to create opportunities for the children to develop curiosity, respect for life, willingness to take risks, perserverance, respect for evidence and willingness to collaborate. The program provides experiences that include looking for patterns, seeing relationships, noticing change, and identifying cause and effect.

Text: Nancy Larson Science

Growing Plants

Human Body/Five Senses

Healthy Habits/Nutrition

Characteristics of Objects

Characteristics of Pets

Exploring Forces That Move Objects

Identifying Living and Non-living Things

Identifying Seasons and Weather Conditions

Social Studies

The kindergarten social studies program will guide children to identify elements of culture that allows for the study of people, places, and environment among cultural groups across time and place. The children will recognize the life and dignity of others by treating others with respect and kindness, because God created all people.

Text: Studies Weekly




Needs & Wants

Maps & Globes


Fire Safety

Presidents & Patriots

Jobs People Do

American Monuments

Celebrate America

The Kindergarten participates in many activities during the school year. One of their favorite activities includes getting together each month with their fourth grade buddies. Together, the buddies work on projects, read to each other and, in June, take a walking trip to Dairy Queen and Memorial Park!