Ministry of Reading

Reading Council

Meeting at least once a half-term the Reading Council raise the profile of reading in our school.  They give ideas for our Reading Hubs and also the new book purchases for the library and Learning Resource Area 

World Book Day 2023

The Reading Parliament did a fantastic job of launching 'World Book Day.'

The 'World Book Day' competition was launched. 

Some great entries for our competition.

Design a book character on a spoon.

The Reading Ambassadors helped to choose the winners.

The winners will receive a voucher to spend at our Book Fair

Re-opening of the KS2 Library 

We are pleased to announce the re-opening of the KS2 Library as discussed by the Reading Council during our last School Parliament meeting.  It is a great opportunity to take a book home to share with the whole family. 

This Friday, the Reading Council led our Friday Worship. We shared our love of reading with the school and made pledges about what we are planning to implement during the coming school year. The Reading council were also presented with new books for their classrooms. 

On the 15th November, the Reading Council met for the first time this school year. The meeting began by the council judging our reading competition. We enjoyed listening and discussing the different entries and after a vote chose our winners. The winners will be announced in our Friday Celebration Assembly. 

Teachers linked to the the Ministry of Leadership : Miss Warner & Mr Lankertis