Advanced Learners Program

Skokie District 69 ALP Contact Information

Madison ALP Coordinator: Kristen Ulery

Edison ALP Coordinator: Andy Carpenter

Lincoln ALP Coordinator: Lorenzo Cervantes

K-8 ALP Instructional Coach: Kari Thicksten

District ALP Coordinator: Megan Aseltine

Skokie District 69 Belief Statement

“All children have the right to be challenged and grow. District 69 is committed to providing a range of services to meet the needs of all our students. High ability learners require differentiated curriculum and instructional approaches, enriched experiences, and extended learning opportunities that lead to academic growth.

Our diverse students require flexible services to address intellectual abilities, social and emotional needs, and demographic variables.

Advanced learners require the opportunity to work with like peers in an environment that fosters critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, creativity, and high achievement.”

Skokie District 69 Definition

Advanced learners are students who demonstrate, or have the potential to demonstrate, outstanding abilities, specific academic aptitude, or creative or productive thinking when compared to peers their age. These students come with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Advanced learners require differentiated educational services beyond the standard curriculum in order to grow to their full potential.