Steve Parmley
Television Videographer since 1979

photo Evening Magazine U.S.S.R. 1987

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. Thompson  

Stolen Quotes

In television, reality is only a guideline.

We don't get paid enough not to have fun.

Smells like an Emmy.

Excuse me, pardon me, American Television coming through.

We are caught in a swirling vortex of ever-changing values.

Your agent called and we can't afford you.

There is no red in my pallet.

I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your vision.

Out of focus is art, in focus is pornography.

People, we're burning daylight here.

Pretend you meant to do that and be sure to thank the academy.


Me, Cindy Crawford, Mark Dwyer

At the Berlin wall with Steve Durgin

Marine World Africa U.S.A. Wrong end of the food chain

Tina the elephant

Me 'n' my bro in-law L.A. summer 2007

News10 crew with Ellen DeGeneres

and Donny Osmond

"Towering" over Mike Bibby of the Sacramento Kings 

Shooting with Cam-mate on a no budget horror film

Taking an Australian siesta with Gary Traverso 

Aloha time with Steve Durgin and Mark Dwyer

When models attack...

 Michael Andretti, a racing hero of mine.

Bikini skiing

Front door of the Playboy mansion with a Playmate of the year 

An LA studio shoot

Australian outback Aboriginal cuisine

New Zealand glacier by small plane

Hula by sunset

New Zealand Shotover river

Playboy Mansion 1986

Playboy Mansion 1986

Tropicana "Ultimate Showgirl" winner Ilene Murphy

Kim Alexis in Golden Gate Park

with Kim Alexis and Dave Amamoto

Training Kim Alexis with an elephant hook at Marine World

How come Steve Mahre gets a helmet ...oh and a seat belt too? 

Jan Yanehiro got Richard Hart a drive in a Lamborghini for his birthday

Queenstown New Zealand

Larry Hagman. He took this photo, developed, signed and shipped them to us. How cool is that?

Hagman again with Nancy Glass

 L.A. again

On top ot the Golden Gate bridge north tower

Somewhere in Mexico 3 cervezas later. Richard Hart, me, Jan Yanehiro, Paul Sparrow, Michele Costa and Mark Dwyer

What's with the fruitbaskets?

Medical show Pulse for UCDMC

Producer Duffy Kelly

Pulse cast and crew

Right Stuff Chuck Yeager

Budget cuts

Tom Stewart gets frisky in Australia


Steadicam school. Director Robert Rodriguez was in the same class. How weird was that.

Traveling light in New Zealand, Lou Wirth, Rita Channon, me, Mark Dwyer 



Quincy Ca. with producer Kim Shultz

Mrs. Fields the cookie lady

Hawaiian windsurfers

High ground with Lindsey Jackson

Itsawrap with Dave Amamoto

After you fly to a volcano what do you do...?

...go to the lip and shoot in.

Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Gary Traverso and the Red Baron pizza plane

San Francisco DJ Don Bleu, my wife Robin 'n' me


KSL news photog from 1979-1984

Salt Flats during speed week. We used to attach the seat belt to our belt and hang out on the skid!

Half Dome Yosemite on the diving board. Mark Dwyer, Michael Hoff and me with wobbly knees.

Tux's and tennis shoes. Gotta love the 80's

Cats was in town, what was I thinking?

Jessica Hawn in Santa Monica

Russian rock star Boris Grebenshikov in his Moscow apartment

Chris Pena, Rita Channon and Matt Chan in Mexico

The Netherlands

Going Mauri in New Zealand

Proof sheet from the Soviet Union

 Shooting HD


 Co-workers revolt

Reasons for Becoming a Videographer

Travel the world on someone else's dime.

It beats real work.

You get to color with electronic crayons.


They let you put your kids in promos.