Spider Rider Halloween is no more. Thank you everyone for the support and Halloween love over the years. 

Hope you have many great Halloweens.

The Spider Rider of Dun Ringill 


 The Ratt Witch Sisters



                                                                                                                                   How to make your own cemetery pillars... click here 

Dun Ringill Cemetery


Where old ghosts play each Hallowe'en



Adding a little front yard magic to the neighborhood 








  the ratt witch sisters

rod and verm                                                                                                                                                            Rodentia and Verminella Ratt                                                                             


if there be an opinion in the people that such a bodie is a witch, 

their own feares (coming where they are)

 resulting from such dreadful apprehensions, 

do make everie shaddow,

 an apparition; 

and everie ratt or catt,

an imp or spirit

  Rodentia and Verminella Ratt

the summoning                                                       October 31st
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    Spider Rider's Halloween Yard 2007 on Vimeo

Halloween 2009
Halloween 2008
Halloween 2010 

Starting 2010  

Hone Haunters News and Review 

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Archive section, April Edition.


Look what made the cover of the Haunt Forum DVD! You can order it here.  HF DVD 2007



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Starting 2012


Witch Marker Stone

Placed by villagers centuries ago to warn of dark witches in the woods

Halloween 2011

                                                         PVC candles on a skull mound will be part of the witch display.

Starting by repainting and texturing the cauldron

Older Stuff 







































Halloween 2010 


Halloween 2009
















 Halloween 2008

Starting on 2009

A New Spider "Rider"



                       Test ride. Still need teeth, paint and spikes for skull flail


 A new head for the spider Rider. This is done "Spooky Rot Nest"  style. Invented by Pumpkinrot and a modified how-to by Spooky Blue. The rasta hair inspired by Shellhawks Nest. Thanks guys and gal.

Photobucketa spider has returned to the forest


 Ready for foam.  8ft. by 4ft. x 8ft. We will finish like the cemetery columns and move the FCG inside it.                     


                                                   Something like this 


My Datsun 240Z has an October security system.

She only protects pumpkin color cars.

 Starting on 2008

The Ratt Witch Sisters  


Rodentia Ratt joins her sister (Verminella) this year. She will be looking up and down while pointing at a cookbook held by the baboon skeleton guy. Her other hand holds a wiggling rat over the cauldron stirred by her sister

The vermin are also good for cooking  and beauty potions. No animals were hurt in the testing of the potions...because they are the potion. Sorry about the nekkid witch pictures but Rodentia's robes aren't done yet. Rats of all sizes will inhabit the scene including on top of her sister's hat.

              The Witch Sisters Ratt, a test run  on Vimeo.


 I made a fiberglass copy of a pumpkin. It's very light.

How to make your own...

click here

                                  Halloween 2007

Well I didn't finish the rat witch but we made a cool graveyard and pillars to go along with all of the other creatures. Two 1000 watt foggers and two 400 watt foggers with fog chillers flooded 2 streets with fog using Froggys Swamp Juice, great stuff!


  In the Works for 2007

Rat Witch joins the Creepy Cauldron Witch. The pointing arm is an old lamp . Baboon guy will be holding a cook book over his head for her to read 

Creepy Cauldron Witch gets large rings and chains added to her cauldron.

 Baboon Dude gets glowing eyes..

In the Works for 2006

Halloween 2006


Halloween 2005

 The PVC frame was draped with black cloth. This allowed me to have the lights on in the house but from outside the blacklight ghost was the only thing visible.



The motorized ghost, a.k.a. the Flying Crank Ghost plans come from it's creator here:http://www.phantasmechanics.com/fcghost1.html


The glowing eyes the witch has and the baboon skull goblin



Oops, his site is down right now. The eyes are vaseline glass 1 inch marbles which glow under UV light. I used UV leds to make them glow. Everything was purchased on ebay.

 The motorized witch and giant cauldron


The cauldron foam, rivets and how to make your witch talk


 The smoke blowing giant monster and graveyard digger, look under Mr.Cheney and Mr.Barlow projects.



These guys are masters and the inventors of "Monster Mud" used in several of my props



The Climbing Skeletons 



Here are some great lists for many popular projects and ideas 



The giant spider was my idea. She has a large beach ball that I fiberglassed as a body. The legs are PVC pipe that are connected by u-bolts to a plywood board. They were tightened when the legs were in the correct position. The legs and body were covered with expanding foam "Great Stuff" and the upper legs used the monster mud technique wrapped around pipe insulation to give the leg segments different thicknesses.

The fiberglass spider butt weighed so much (my first time working with fiberglass, too much resin) that I added a seperate support tube fitting over rebar pounded into the lawn. 

More pics and some how to



More Older Stuff