Autocross Construction

An idea for A Mod and yes I won't be competitive but I will have a huge grin.

Chevy or Ford

Autocross 240Z Build
Project Canned Ham 
(Fitting a big dude in a little car)

JD2 tubing bender 5.5clr 1.5 dia

Craigslist Bonanza.  A one piece G-nose - fenders - IMSA flares NOS for $250 :)


About 2/3 of the way through undercoating and surface rust removal. Seam welding next


Needs some Bad Dog Frame rails to strengthen and protect my butt with a close to floor mounted seat


1) Scrape off undercoating with a putty knife and heat gun and it looks like this 2) Wire wheel on 4 1/2 inch right angle grinder 3) Wipe down with paint thinner.