Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania

What is SNAP?

SNAP is the Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania and is an organization run by nursing students across the great state of PA to serve fellow nursing students across the state.

How to become a SNAP member?
If you came to Widener University as a Freshman Nursing student, you are automatically enrolled as a WUSNA member and a SNAP member. You should have received a NSNA card in the mail with you member number. If you are a Transfer Nursing student you may not be on the WUSNA list or SNAP list. So you can contact you chapter president or one of your state's SNAP representative.

What is the LEAD Workshop and why should I attend? 
The LEAD workshop is designed to educated nursing students in developing leadership skills and how to be a professional.  Anyone can attend the workshop, it is ideal to send freshman and sophomores. Each school can send up to 4 people. The Workshop can only hold 60 people, so it is a first come first serve basis. This workshop consists of guest speakers who have extensive skills in leadership and professionalism. This is one workshop you do not want to miss!

What is a SNAP convention and when does it happen?
The SNAP Convention provides and opportunity for nursing students to learn what it means to be a nurse. The convention provides workshops for students that change each year. This past convention we learned smart test taking tips for the NCLEX and what to do when you apply for your first job.  At convention you also have the opportunity to run for a board position at the state level (anyone can do it)! The Convention usually take place in November (see Events Calendar). Attending convention also gives you the opportunity to meet with different hospitals in Pennsylvania and learn more about what they have to offer you. You can win prizes, learn a great deal, and meet many new faces from attending a convention!

How to run for a position at a SNAP convention?
To Learn how you can run for a position and what the rules are, please read the Candidate Packet.  Attached to the Candidate Packet is also the Consent to Serve forms which need to be filled out if you are running. 

Candidate Packet:   
For more information please visit the SNAP website (

SNAP members and chapters are AMAZING!  And we want to celebrate just how great you are!  Following are the applications for the various awards and scholarships given at the SNAP Annual Awards Banquet on Thursday, November 17th.
And we are VERY pleased to announce a new award opportunity that has been funded by our very own Faculty Advisors! SNAP's Passion for Nursing Education Award will be presented to a SNAP member that demonstrates his or her passion for becoming a nurse educator, and the recipient will receive $250 scholarship.  We are all very grateful to our dedicated Faculty Advisors for making this possible!
Enough talking!  Here are the award applications:

                                                *Award applications are soon to come*


National Student Nurses' Association

What is the NSNA convention and when does it happen?

The NSNA (National Student Nurses' Association) Convention occurs once a year.  It consists of a variety of workshops, hospitals and fellow nursing students across the United States. It is like the SNAP convention but with the ENTIRE nation!  Nursing schools from across country come to attend this annual convention.

With a membership of approximately 60,000 nationwide, the National Student Nurses' Association mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.

Visit the NSNA website for more information:

What is Capitol Hill Day: Step by Step
The Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania will once again be offering a special legislative program. The program, Capitol Hill Step By Step, will be an on-the-job learning experience about the political process. Nursing students will have the opportunity to learn on location at our State Capitol building in Harrisburg, PA. 
Programs are scheduled Pennsylvania State Museum located adjacent to the Capitol. It is SNAP's intention to provide this program so that nursing students will learn the significance of the political process. 
Contact your school's SNAP chapter president, faculty, or dean/director to inquire about how to sign up for this free program. You do not need to be a member to attend. Invite other nursing students to come with you for a enjoyable but meaningful learning experience you will long remember. But hurry because reservations are on a "first come, first served" basis!  Walk through Capitol Hill Step By Step with your chapter and soon you will take our political process in stride! This event is a  wonderful opportunity for nursing students to personally witness how every nurse can affect their practice through legislation.