Board Members

Widener University Student Nurses' Association 
Board Members


The job of the President is to attend all meetings of WUSNA and the Executive Board. In the absence of the treasurer, have the power to request funds. Be an executive-official member of all standing committees. The President shall cast the deciding vote in the case of tie votes. Submit a written reprt of all Presidential activities at each Executive meeting. Submit a written annual report (summary) and a revised one year plan for the next elected President at the end of their term. Ensure the annual evaluation of the Advisory Board. Oversee the positions of the Senators and Social Affairs Committee Chair, and keep records of attendance with the Recording Secretary. Oversee elections. If personally running for a position, appoint a member of the Executive Board to oversee elections.

 Jenelle Clelland

Vice President

The job of the Vice President is to assist the President in his/her duties and assume, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President and assume all powers and responsibilities of the President.  Act as a liaison between the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania the National Student Nurses Association and WUSNA.  Oversee the positions of Recruitment/Program Director and Community Chair, and work with Recording Secretary on the Pinning Ceremony.  Submit a written report of all vice president activities to the board at the end of their term.

Carissa Smith


The job of the Treasurer is to make all disbursements with the approval of the Executive Board. Assume the responsibility for, and the keeping of, an accurate record of all funds received and expended. Develop an operational budget to be approved at the beginning of each school year to executive board. Deliver a financial report to each executive board meeting. Oversee the position of the Fundraising Chair. Submit all records to the Vice President two weeks prior to the end of the year for auditing. Be responsible for the WUSNA coin and, in case of a tie vote, shall flip the WUSNA coin. Heads= affirmative and Tails = negative. Submit a proposed budget to the Student Government Association (SGA) each semester as per SGA requirements for subsidy.

 Kelly Ramsdale


Recording Secretary

The job of the Recording Secretary is to record the minutes of each meeting. Distribute and post on campus cruiser the minutes of the preceding meeting to all members present. Be official custodian of WUSNA’s records. Oversee the positions of Elections Chair and work with Vice-President on the Pinning Ceremony. Keep track of the point system for the pinning ceremony and attendance records. Submit a written report of all recording secretary’s activities at each executive board meeting and at the end of their term a summary of all activities.
Elisabeth Pappalardo


Fundraising Committee

Responsible for all fundraising activities.  It will be the responsibility of the Chair of Fundraising to: (1) Coordinate all fundraising activities. The Chairperson will assign a coordinator to each fundraising activity and oversee the implementation of these activities. (2) Submit a written report of all fundraising activities at each executive meeting and submit a summary of all the activities at the end of their term to the executive board.

                                                        Zachary Young

Community Service Chair
Coordinate and conduct all community activities. Submit written report at of all activities at each Executive Meeting and submit a final report of all activities at last meeting of their term.
Kayla Smith

Social Chair
Coordinate and organize all social activities of WUSNA.  Coordinate a minimum of two social events per semester.  Submit a written report of all social activities at each executive meeting and submit a summary of all activities at the end of their term to the executive board.  
Keith Hanley


WUSNA SGA Representatives

Attend all SGA meetings. If a senator misses 2 meetings per semester without getting a replacement and telling the President, then they will be removed from their position.  Contact the President as soon as possible to inform of absence from SGA meeting and inability to find a replacement so the President can get a replacement.  Act as a liaison between SGA and the total membership. Submit a written report of all activities at each Executive meeting.  The last written report turn in at the final meeting of their term of all events.

Isabella Fanucci

 Legislative Chair

 Coordinate and conduct all legislative activities. Oversee the submission of Resolutions to SNAP and NSNA.

Taylor Knerr

Recruitment and Student Affairs
Coordinate and organize activities in the recruitment of Widener University Nursing Students.  Direct 1 program per semester for the members of WUSNA and others.  Arrange guest lecturers, movies, demonstrations, etc.  Work with the Social Affairs Committee to provide refreshments at program meetings.  Submit a written report of all activities at each executive meeting and submit a summary of all activities at the end of their term to the executive board.

Isaiah Washington

WUSNA Webmaster

Responsible for creating and maintaining the website for WUSNA.  Update any changes or events for the future. Continue to post the NCLEX question of the week.  Oversee and issues with the club website.

Gabriella Chilelli

Undergraduate Representative

The Undergraduate Committee attends the faculty meetings throughout the school year.  During the meetings it is the this committee's duty to inform faculty of upcoming events of our student nurses' association and to report any concerns the students have.  The committee also informs the student body of any changes or upcoming events from the faculty!

Nichole Thomas