Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I am a WUSNA Member?

A: As you enter Widener University as a freshman nursing student, you are automatically enrolled in WUSNA and SNAP/NSNA, and you should be receiving e-mails from WUSNA members about news and upcoming events.  If you were a transfer nursing student you may not be a member. In the case that you are a transfer student, e-mail dmzeoli@mail.widener.edu (or any board member) so you can be placed on the e-mailing list.

When do the WUSNA meetings take place?

A:  The WUSNA meetings usually take place on Mondays towards the beginning of the month. You can always refer to the EVENTS CALENDAR on the side bar of the website to view any upcoming meetings and events.

What will I get out of WUSNA?

A:  WUSNA provides nursing students with the chance to get hands on experience with community members and fellow nursing students. WUSNA is here to serve the students of the nursing community at Widener University.  This organization opens the doors for learning how to socialize with people and learn about nursing outside of school. WUSNA provides you the opportunity to actively engage yourself with the community of Chester

How do I get involved with WUSNA events?

A: First, you should start by attending the monthly WUSNA meetings.  If you can not attend meetings due to a class or work, check the events calendar to learn more about upcoming events and how to get involved. Second, if you do attend meetings, feel free to ask questions and openly volunteer for anything. If you have a good idea about a fund raiser or community event, we would love to hear it!

What is the School of Nursing Honors Program?

A:  The School of Nursing Honors Program (SONHP) provides academically talented and highly motivated nursing students with meaningful learning experiences that will prepare them to continuously learn, apply, and create new knowledge throughout their lifetimes. Class time is spent cultivating critical thinking, skill in self-expression, and independent analysis of material. This program is designed for students who are looking for a challenge and seek greater depth in their educational experiences above the basic requirements for the nursing degree. The School of Nursing Honors Program provides opportunities for in-depth study and professional development, nurtures development as a nurse leader and/or educator, and prepares students for graduate school.

Students will have opportunities 
         • Working with faculty conducting research 
         • Mentoring lower classman
         • Cultivating leadership through community service and involvement
         • Interacting with faculty in small group settings.

The School of Nursing Honors Program is designed for academically talented nursing students. This program is intended as a complement to the university Honors Program in General Education (HPGE). Participation may be in addition to or independent of the university program.
Eligibility Criteria
         • 3.2 cumulative GPA at the end of sophomore year 
         • 3.5 GPA in nursing major
         • Demonstration of critical thinking and communication skills, creativity, self direction,                              perseverance, and integrity.

To maintain status in the SONHP, the student must:
         • Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA 
         • Successfully complete all nursing courses with a B or better 
         • Actively participate in Honors activities including meetings 
         • Uphold professional nursing standards and the pursuit of excellence