Humpty Dumpty After the Fall

Red Cover: Special Edition

Blue Cover: Limited First Edition, Signed and Numbered ($50)

Vuthy Kuon retells Humpty's unfinished story through poetry and watercolor paintings in a way the nursery rhyme has never known. The story introduces many new characters (not by name, but by occupation) who try to help the poor egg who was knocked off his perch by a stray football. Since the king and his men could not do the job, in comes the doctor, tailor, carpenter, and a welder It took the realization of his mistakes and faith in a little white bird he had never seen before to get him back on his feet; henceforth prompting him to devote his life to helping others. Humpty's story is one of hope and a source of encouragement for all who have ever fallen. Throughout Humpty Dumpty: After The Fall, the egg's face is never revealed, leaving it up to the young reader to fill in the blank with their imagination. - Midwest Book Review

Author: Vuthy Kuon

Illustrator: Vuthy Kuon