For Schools

"The Million Faces of Humpty Dumpty"

Woody tells his inspirational story of being a Cambodian refugee to living the "American Dream." After a dramatic book reading, he closes with his grand finale, "The Million Faces of Humpty."

Here the kids help Woody create Humpty Dumpty's new face by posing for different body parts & voting for the teacher with the "coolest" hair... the artwork (named after that teacher) then is donated to the school.

"Humpty 2: A Shaolin Experience"

This hilarious follow-up program starts with a Shaolin Kung-fu demonstration and a volunteer from the audience who learns the "Seven Basics Steps" to becoming a Shaolin Kung-fu master (all silly of course)!

Woody then teaches two student volunteers how to speak Chinese, with all its intricate tones and sounds. Hear the room roar when they learn what they've actually said to each other!

We finish off with their favorite part... the ART! 

* Parents Night, Literacy Night or other special functions are available as well.


For corporations and keynote speeches, please contact Woody directly.

Vuthy Kuon draws a teacher at an elementary school in Sugarland (Houston).

Vuthy calls a student to pose for a collaborative Humpty drawing.

Humpty 2: A Shaolin Experience

Vuthy's expressive readings engage students of all ages.