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This is a Cambodian name pronounced 'wood-TEE kwon'' but my friends call me Woody. Here I am getting pumped up for a school visit...

As an illustrator & author, I visit nearly 100 schools per year since 1996... I love making kids laugh using art, storytelling & humor adapted to kids of all ages like pre-K, elementary, middle and high schoolers... adult groups too!

Watch my intro video here. I hope you enjoy it!  

REVIEWS (from elementary, middle & high schools)

I've had Woody Kuon visit my libraries several times over the last few years, and his visits are always the highlight of the year. He has entertained kids from kindergarten to junior high in our school district, and has captivated them all with his lively performances.  Woody has become a friend whom I will continue to invite to our schools!

- Paula Fielder, Library Coordinator Dayton ISD

I have over 100 books published and been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX. I also love sharing my personal story about escaping a war-torn Cambodia, evacuated to a refugee camp in Thailand, to living now the "American Dream."

Good Afternoon,

   This year we had a school visit from author, illustrator Vuthy Kuon. He spoke with all of our art students about his background as an immigrant and how he turned his love of art and business into a career. His presentation was highly engaging and interactive. 

   I was very impressed that he tailored his presentation to our request since we were focusing on college and career readiness. He struck a perfect balance between fun and informational/art techniques. I have had several school visits with him from my days at intermediate school and now in middle school. We were never disappointed!

   I highly recommend scheduling him to visit your school. He will work with you on cost and book sales. Please call me if you have any questions.

- Christina Scholl, Library Information Specialist

Killough Middle School, Alief ISD

Our students and teachers love Vuthy!  His presentations are interactive and most importantly funny!  He lets students walk in his shoes by sharing stories about his childhood with them as well as talking to them about the process of writing and illustrating a book.  The best part of his presentations is when he reads his books aloud to the students.  He reads his stories with such passion and humor that our students are captured as he reads.

    We have had Vuthy at our school for several years now.  He engages students from the moment he stands before them.  I would highly recommend any school to book a presentation featuring Vuthy.  My goal when selecting an author to visit our school is that our students walk out of the author presentation feeling happy and confident about reading.  Vuthy does just that!  You will not be disappointed.

- Norma Garcia, Pasadena ISD

On Saturday, December 5, 2015 Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society for Educators  held a winter literacy event for members and their children at the University of St. Thomas, in Houston, Texas.   

   The Ahern room in Crooker was transformed into the Polar Express for a fantastic group of children eager to meet Mrs. Clause and author Vuthy Kuon. 

   First, Author Vuthy Kuon shared his inspiring story as a Cambodian refugee escaping his war-torn country to America. Next, he created an incredible, original version of Humpty Dumpty using input from members of the audience. Members of all ages in the audience were engaged in his interactive story-telling adventure. 

   Each guest also received their own personalized and autographed picture as a Christmas gift from the author. It was an exciting event that truly brought Literacy Alive for all participants. 

   The Pi Lambda Chapter of KDP would whole heartily recommend the interactive program offered by author Vuthy Kuon to any audience to engage individuals in an entertaining literacy experience.  

- Pamela Perry King, President                                                                                                                                                            Pi Lambda Chapter, Kappa Delta Pi                                                                                                                               University of St. Thomas

Hughes Elementary LOVED Vuthy Kuon! The students, teachers, and principal were all enthralled with the presentation. He was a fun, down to earth speaker who shared his personal life experiences that motivated him to follow his dreams of becoming an illustrator and writer. 

   He was able to captivate every age group, encouraging audience participation with a surprise mystery illustration that was created from the students’ own ideas. Even a year later, our principal and students are still talking about how the program was funny, exciting, and engaging. Thank you, Mr. Kuon, for creating such an exceptional presentation. 

– Jessica Alvis, J. Lyndal Hughes Elementary

Roanoke, Texas

Vuthy "Woody" Kuon came to visit 6th grade students at First Colony Middle School. Both students and teachers enjoyed a day of highly engaged learning of literature appreciation and hand on cartoon drawing lessons. 

   Students describe Mr. Kuon as knowledgeable, entertaining, and animated.  He connects to diverse students through story telling.  Everybody had a FUN day with Mr. Kuon! 

   We will invite him to our school as an author, speaker, and artist year after year!

- Yubai Jacobs, First Colony Middle School

Fort Bend ISD

Everyone here enjoyed having you visit our school.  You kept the students engaged throughout your energetic presentation.  That is sometimes difficult with 200 kindergarten and first graders sitting in the room. The students had fun being a part of deciding how you were going to “redraw” Humpty Dumpty, and the teachers loved being included in those “Humpty Dumpty artworks!

   You were professional in every way and worked to make the visit very low stress on our side.  Your individualized illustrations in the books were perfect for the kids.

Thanks so much!

- Brenda Steffens, Librarian 

Allen ISD

Students, teachers, and administrators alike are anxiously anticipating Woody’s next visit to our Farrell Elementary school library! Woody totally engages every student in all grade levels with his humorous renditions of his books and illustrations. He’s a master at keeping the students actively involved in his presentations. 

   The students and teachers are already asking if we plan to host Woody again next year. My response is overwhelmingly “Of course! We will all be welcoming Woody for another visit in the fall!"

- Diane Chenault, Arlington ISD

Vuthy “Woody” Kuon has come to our school twice now and was a big hit with the students both times.  He gave an exciting presentation to all of the students, kindergarten through 5th grade and they all loved it.  

   I have gotten compliments from students young and old about how they loved the author/illustrator that came to visit.  He keeps them engaged and they love the drawings he does as part of his presentations.  I would enthusiastically recommend booking Woody for an author visit!

- Sara Flores, Katy ISD

Mr. Kuon was a joy to work with and made the process of an author visit seamless!  His presentations to the students were amazing!  He had all of our students, kindergarten through 5th grade, hanging on his every word throughout his presentation, and his drawings blew them away!  We truly enjoyed his visit!

- Traci Trykoski, Katy ISD

I have had Vuthy twice come for an author visit.  He does a phenomenal job presenting his books and illustrations to the students.  His presentation keeps students engaged while helping them understand the process of writing.  

   Vuthy’s witty personality had the students enjoying every minute.  All of the teachers at our school gave his visit a big thumbs up!

- Russell Evans, Deer Park ISD

Trying to locate a dynamic author/ illustrator/speaker to engage students in the wonder of art and literature?  Look no further as Vuthy Kuon will delight your audience with his stories and on-site-created illustrations guaranteed to wow a crowd through participation!  

   He is a versatile presenter as he humorously shared in the past his life story and captivated our middle school students.  My administrator mentioned that he was the BEST guest author he had encountered!  

   Since changing schools, Vuthy has mesmerized our 700 Prekindergarten students with the same entertaining flair and with the same impact as with the older children.  Also, the teachers and administrators are delighted so we keep inviting him back year after year!  Thank you Vuthy for making a difference in a fun, creative way!!

- Neley Haynes, Aldine ISD

Vuthy Kuon visited the Keiko Davidson Library in February and he was fantastic! My kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students thoroughly enjoyed his performance and we all thought that he was super funny!  The best part of the whole show was when he turned a few teachers into Humpty Dumpty and let the students decide how the portrait was going to look! The students loved hearing his stories and there are valuable lessons taught in each of his books.  I would have him back at KDE!! 

- Crystal Matovich, Keiko Davidson Library, Katy ISD

If you are looking for an author who will engage and inspire your kiddos, READ ON! 

   We had Woody come visit our campus this past December and he was AWESOME! He spoke to 3rd and 4th graders about the writing process and how he develops ideas for his books. Much of his writing relies on his past life experiences, so it was really cool for the kids to see how he retells and adapts these experiences in his writing. 

   Woody put on an AMAZING show, and left us with some awesome souvenirs, too. He has several books (and a poster) he has both authored and/or illustrated for sale ranging between $5-$15 dollars. And he takes the time to PERSONALIZE each and every product he sells with a drawing representing something about each buyer (I had him sign a book for my daughter with an adorable little princess drawn in it, and a runner for me ;) ). 

   Everyone really enjoyed his visit, and I would highly recommend him for any of our elementary campuses! He even has a new chapter book out, too, that appeals to upper grade students. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further input on this awesome author. I hope your campus will get to enjoy his visit, too! Vuthy "Woody" Kuon 713.480.7069

- Brooke Smith, Fort Worth ISD

Woody visited our school in December; the students were excited to see him in action.  He is very lively entreating and fun.  He connected with the students and made them feel comfortable.  He is definitely someone who will catch the audience’s attention and he certainly knows how to deliver a story.  His drawings were great and incorporated the audience my students were motivated to start drawing and begin to write their own stories.

- Gaby Bustamante, Fort Worth ISD

Thank you so much for visiting our school! Our students thoroughly enjoyed your visit. 

- Deb Rogers, Horry County Schools

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We have had Vuthy Kuon visit our campus multiple times.   He keeps the students engaged and laughing with both his storytelling and art during his presentations.  My students and teachers love his presentations!  

- Melinda Webb

Golbow Elementary, Katy ISD

Woody's a great motivational speaker. His engagement with the children makes the author visit inspirational as well as entertaining. Whether it's drawing or stringing together vivid stories, Woody's visit is well worth the investment. To enjoy my experience please see:

- Jean Darnell

Fort Bend ISD

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I also love drawing personalized little pictures on each book I sign at the schools (like this) 

The kids seem to really like it! :)

The teachers too!

And you gotta make the principal happy!

Or no one's happy :(

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Vuthy "Woody" Kuon