Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest and probably the last operating system from Microsoft.
You can upgrade for free for a period of 1 year from the release date.
Windows 10 release date July 29, 2015.

Anniversary Update” was released summer 2016. If your update has not happened check this out.
Cortana is at war with Siri, Google Now, Alexa and other apps to be the best assistant.
Windows 10’s Start menu will change to offer many additions.

If you are installing Windows10 on your device it is important to understand the importance of UEFI based system. This gives you the option of using a GPT partition with all its advantages.Check this out.
Microsoft provide a media creation tool which is there to help you with the installation.

Windows 10 has many tricks up its sleeve to keep your system alive. If W10 goes wrong for whatever reason you need the tools to be able to recover your system.
Safe mode is no longer available via the F8 at boot time.  There is an easy way to restore this options that were available prviously, they are still there just hidden. Another quick tool to use is the system file checker.
One of the common problems is the shutdown taking forever. This can easily be fixed.
Windows 10 has a Media Server. The Media Server uses DLNA to provide media streaming. Check this out to see how easy it is to set up.
If you connect your system to an Audio and Video amplifier learn how windows delivers the sound and how it can be configured.
Control your keyboard by getting alert when you accidently hit Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock
You can now print multiple pictures to a pdf file via file explorer.

I have seen a lot of posts on many forums discussing issues with shutdown, restarts and problems similar to those. Many of these issues are the result of Fast Startup which is enabled by default on Windows 10. You can manage the settings and get rid of this issue

One of the most common issues in Windows OS is the updates causing a variety of problems. Check out how to keep your system up to date. If your updates have stopped working this is how to revive them.

Fine tuning Windows 10 for better performance

Windows 10 can be fine tuned to give you better performance. You do not need any programming skills to achieve this. With very basic tips you can easily tune Windows 10.
Fine tuning Windows 10 for better performance
How To Make Windows 10 run faster 
Increase Start up/Boot Speeds & Performance  
Windows 10 Many tips and tricks
System configuration – processors
1 Disk Clean-up
2 Auto start-up programmes
3 Power Plan
5 Advanced system settings
7 indexing
8 optimise drives
9 BOOT options
10 Resource Monitor

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