Advent of Christianity into India


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Doubting Thomas


By tradition, Christianity is said to have arrived in India with Saint Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, who spent some years in South India and possibly died there. However, others believe that the first missionary to arrive in the country was Saint Bartholomew. Historically, Christian missionary activity started with the advent of Saint Francis Xavier in 1544. He was followed by Portuguese missionaries at first and eventually by missionaries from other countries like Denmark, Holland, Germany and Great Britain. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries Catholic as well as Protestant missionaries preached Christian doctrines in India and also made important contributions to social improvement and education in India.

Much of the modern influences in the Indian society can be attributed to the role of Christianity in India. Christian missionaries helped in setting up schools and colleges all over India and also spread the message of faith and goodwill in the country. Christianity and its teachings influenced a number of intellectuals and thinkers in India, including Mahatma Gandhi.

Mother Teresa

William Carey

Christian missionaries like William Carey, the Shoe Maker in Kolkata, Mother Teresa, etc. sacrificed their very lives at the altar of God for the people of this nation.

Christianity has not affected the cultures, languages and customs of Indians who have embraced it. True Christians, the disciples of Jesus Christ, live a simple life in the Indian style as their Master.

Today, the Christians in India number about 30 million and consist of people from every denomination of Christianity.