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“They crucified Him.” – (Mark 15: 25)


Here we come to the mount of our Redeemer’s sorrows, and we should bare our heads in holy reverence as we stand in the silence of wondering love and gaze upon Him on His cross.  Many thoughts will come to us as we contemplate this scene.


What a terrible thing sin is, that its expiation required such a sacrifice!    Shall we go on carelessly sinning when we see what our Savior suffered to save us from our sins?  What wonderful love there must be in the heart of God to cause Him to give His Son to endure such a death to save sinners!


What worth there must be in human souls, under all the ruin of sin, that Jesus was willing to make such a sacrifice of His own precious and glorious life to redeem the lost!


What a pattern for all life have we here!  The cross is Jesus giving Himself to bless and save others.  The more completely we forget ourselves and live for others, the nearer do we get to the example of Christ.  How can we ever complain again of our little privations and sacrifices for the sake of others?  The cross, where Christ is giving all, should make us ashamed even to mention again any little thing that we have done or suffered for another.


Crucifixion was such a blot at that time, wrapped a name in such ignominy, that one who died thus was buried for ever in shame.  He never could be mentioned but with though and memory of dishonour.  But Jesus, instead of being covered and borne down for ever by the cross, in the black waters of reproach, lifted the cross itself to glory, until today it is the emblem of hope, of victory, of blessedness, and of joy wherever the gospel has gone.  Let no one be afraid to endure for Christ’s sake, for when the cross is taken up in His name it becomes a “weight of glory”.