Who is this Jesus?


In this website, we present the Person of Jesus Christ.  The following are some questions being asked everywhere:


Is Jesus a God?  Was He only a great philosopher?  Was He only a great saint?  Is He still alive?  Is He really a Savior? Did He come into the world to establish a religion called "Christianity"?  Is Jesus Christ of the gospels different from the Jesus as presented by the west?  Whether Christianity is a foreign religion for India? What is the meaning of salvation from the Hindu and Christian doctrinal views? Is Christ Jesus also revealed from the Hindu Scriptures? What are the views of Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhiji, etc. on Christ Jesus? Whether the gospel of Christ has affected the culture of the Indian Christians? Has the gospel of Christ anything to do with the Swadeshi cultures, languages and customs of the Indian people? All these questions are answered in the messages of this website.


We present our views, mostly based on the basis of the teachings of Sadhu Sundar Singh, an apostle of Christ from India (1889-1929) and also other saints who were following Hinduism,

Many scholars question the historicity of Jesus Christ. To counter their arguments, we also present historical evidences to prove the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, not only from the apologetic perspective but also from the other historical records outside the Bible. 


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