We need volunteers to be officers for the 2019-2020 academic year!  President, VP, Heinz Field Coordinator. Please contact the current officers for descriptions of these positions!  Working parents CAN do this - and the kids appreciate it!
Heinz Field Concession Stand

Donna Kefalos, chair | whbpo.heinzcoordinator@gmail.com 

Coming up we have opportunities to work these summer dates. As the sign up sheets are available the games will be linked to BringIt. You must have your Ramp and ServeSafe training on file.

The Steeler schedule is below. [Look, Ma! No holidays!] As the sign up sheets are available the games will be linked to BringIt. Want to know what the payouts are for the games? Go here to see what you can earn.

Date                                                      Game                                              Game Time         Report Time

SAT. AUGUST 25, 2018                    STEELERS VS TITANS                       4:00 PM               12:30 PM


THURS. AUGUST 30, 2018              STEELERS VS PANTHERS                 7:30 PM               4:00 PM


SAT. SEPTEMBER 1, 2018               PITT VS ALBANY                                3:30pm                12:00 pm


SAT. SEPTEMBER 8, 2018               PITT VS PENN STATE                        8:00pm                 4:30pm


SAT. SEPTEMBER 15, 2018             PITT VS GEORGIA TECH                  12:30pm                9:00am


SUN. SEPTEMBER 16, 2018            STEELERS VS CHIEFS                        1:00 PM               9:30 AM


SUN. SEPTEMBER 30, 2018            STEELERS VS RAVEN                        8:20 PM               5:00 PM


SAT. OCTOBER 6, 2018                    PITT VS SYRACUSE                           TBD


SUN. OCTOBER 7, 2018                  STEELERS VS FALCONS                   1:00 PM               9:30 AM


SAT. OCTOBER 27, 2018                 PITT VS DUKE                                   TBD


SUN. OCTOBER 28, 2018                STEELERS VS BROWNS                   1:00 PM               9:30 AM


THURS. NOVEMBER 8, 2018          STEELERS VS PANTHERS                 8:20 PM               5:00 PM


SAT. NOVEMBER 10, 2018             PITT VS VIRGINIA TECH                  TBD


SUN. DECEMBER 2 ,2018                STEELERS VS CHARGERS                1:00 PM               9:30 AM


SUN. DECEMBER 16, 2018             STEELERS VS PATRIOTS                  4:25 PM               1:00 PM


SUN. DECEMBER 30, 2018             STEELERS VS BENGALS                   1:00 PM               9:30 AM

Volunteers work in a concession stand at Heinz Field during and Steeler football games or at other special events to earn money for a student's account. Volunteers must be 18 and have completed Aramark's food preparation. 

Volunteers work in a concession stand at Heinz Field during Steeler / Pitt football games or at other special events to earn money for a student's account. You MUST complete the following before you can work there:
  1. Heinz Field NPO Documents 2018 - to be completed annually
  2. ServSafe: Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw-ImSBj0EQ.  Sign the acknowledgment form which is in the attachment with the NPO Documents. This form is to be signed and returned for course credit.  Done annually

  3. RAMP alcohol training can be taken online for $10:  


    When asked for the LID # please enter 48228 and send us a copy of your CERTIFICATE when training course is completed.  To be completed every 2 years. Training may also be available at Heinz Field. Dates will be announced when they are available.  IF you take the online RAMP- you must complete the “RAMP Employee Signature.” Please note that you must enter your name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your social security number on the top. You will then initial all the dotted lines on the right hand side of the page and sign your name at the bottom.
***Volunteers must be 18 years of age.***

Scan and email forms (or arrange to meet her and dro[ them off in person) to Donna Kefalos, chair | whbpo.heinzcoordinator@gmail.com 


Don't forget to sign up for the Wolvarena concession stand. We need people for concession stand, 50/50 sales, merchandise and to help with the pit at half time. Please consider volunteering. Many hands make light work! Links to sign up sheets below!

October 26 - NEED 9-11th grade parents!! This is senior night!