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Tournament Rules

Printable Copy - Rules

1.  This tournament will be played under FIFA Rules, however the following modifications will apply - FIFA 'Laws of the Game' will be the official playing rules, however the following modifications will apply

2.  No player may play for more than one (1) team throughout the tournament.  Men play in Men’s Division and Women play in the Women’s division. Playing a game will be interpreted as being on the playing field for more than 1 minute in either regulation play or extended play (overtime, shootout, etc...).

a.  A player must play in two games in round-robin play to be eligible to play in the championship rounds

b.  Rosters size:  22-players. 

c.  Minimum player age -   Men: 18-years   Women: 16-years

d.  All Players must sign the mandatory tournament form and have USASA Insurance to be eligible to play

e.  Two red cards disqualify any player from the tournament and possible future tournaments

3.  Players' equipment & apparel

a.  Traditional soccer cleats and turf shoes are allowed.  Cleats with a toe stud shall not be allowed (i.e. football or softball/baseball)

b.  Commercial shin guards are required and must be completely covered

c.  All jewelry must be removed, no exceptions

d.  Any protective equipment worn by a player must be well padded and approved by the referee

e.  Home team is responsible of changing uniforms in the event it is determined by the referee that the uniform colors cannot easily be distinguished

f.  Permanent jersey numbers are mandatory (tape will not be allowed). Numbers MUST match the number on the roster


5.  Protest may be filed with the tournament committee.  The decision by this committee will be final.

6.  Teams listed first on the official schedule is the Home team. 

7.  Teams will be on opposite sides of the field from spectators.  No spectators in team areas during matches.

8.  FIFA 'Laws of the Game' will be the official playing rules.

9.  Substitutions will be allowed:

a.  Kick off

b.  Throw ins must be “team in possession can sub. If team in possession subs than opponents can sub

c.  Goal kick (either team)

d.  Injury

e.  Referee’s discretion.

10.  Scoring for the round robin will be by World Cup format:

  1. WIN - Three (3) points

  2. Ties - One (1) Point

  3. Loss - Zero (0) points

o  If two or more teams are tied in points at the completion of round robin play, advancement to the next round of play will be determined by utilization, in the order listed, of only as many of the following as is/are necessary to break the tie. If 3 or more teams are tied, then the criteria shall be reset after the elimination of a team:

Ø  Head to head record in round robin

Ø  Goal differential with maximum of a three goal difference allowed per game (i.e. A 5-3 win results in a +2 goal differential)

Ø  Least number of goals allowed in round robin

Ø  Most goals scored

Ø  Penalty Kicks 

11.  Advancement from first round play is as follows:

a. 5-teams are in the field.  Each team is guaranteed 4 games.  Top 2-point earners will advance to the final.

b. 6-teams are in the field.  Each team is guaranteed 3 games.  Top 4-point earners will advance to the semi-final round.  #1 Point vs. #4 Point will be semi #1 and #2 Points vs. #3 Points will be semi #2.  Teams that earn #5 Points and #6 points will play in a consolation championship game.

c.  7-teams are in the field.  Each team is guaranteed 3 games. Top 4-point earners will advance to the semi-final round.  #1 Point vs. #4 Point will be semi #1 and #2 Points vs. #3 Points will be semi #2. 

d.  8-teams are in the field.  Two groups of 4, round robin.  Top two teams in each division advances for semifinals.

e.  9-teams are in the field.   TBA at tournament headquarters.

f.  10-teams are in the field.  Two groups of 5, round robin (guaranteed 4 games).  Top team from each group advance final.  No semifinal matches.

12.  In the event of ties at the end of regulation time in the championship game, overtime periods will be applied.  If the teams are still tied after overtime periods, then Modified Shootout procedure will be used (See rule #8).  Overtime periods will be two 10 minute halves both halves must be played in its entirety (Spirit of the game must be the determining factor of play.  If each team or both teams decide not to play the overtime period or advance to shoot-out, then the referee will yellow card all captains.  If teams are still not playing, then red-cards will be issued).

13.  Any team not showing up for a scheduled game without good reason will LOSE BY forfeit.  The winning team will receive Forfeit-Three (3) points and a recorded score of 2-0.  Any team with a forfeit on their record may not advance to the championship round and will lose their cash bond.

14.  A red-carded player or a coach who is sent off must leave the playing area for the remainder of that game and the next scheduled game for the team.  Further action may be taken if deemed necessary by the Tournament Committee.            

a.  Team points will be deducted by one for each red card, coach sent-off, or fan sent-off

b.  Any player with two red cards is ineligible to participate for the remainder of the tournament to include championship rounds and possible future tournaments.

c.  Dissent WILL NOT be tolerated.  Referees are encouraged to give yellow cards for any and all dissent

15.  Players with active bleeding must leave the field until the bleeding is controlled and covered as appropriate.  Only the center referee can allow a player to re-enter the field of play and entry will be at mid field.

16.  Duration of Men’s pool play games shall be 40-minute halves. Women’s pool play games shall be 30 – minute halves. Both genders 5 minute half-time. Semi both genders – finals will be 30 min halves.  Championship Men’s Game will be 45-minute halves and Championship Women’s will be 30 minute halves.  All games shall be played in two equal periods.

17.  Games that are rained out will be decided by penalty kicks if rescheduling is not possible.

18.  For any clarification contact one of the Tournament Director listed below.

The Tournament Director and the Tournament Committee shall make decisions about issues which arise during the competition. The GOAL of the committee is to provide an atmosphere which promotes friendships through competition.

 Printable Copy - Rules