Coed Indoor Rules

Revised 9/25/2018 – Approved

Rules Adopted for Coed Recreational Indoor Soccer

Player requirements:

1. Have Insurance and on the team roster recognized by WRAS

2. Be on a signed Roster and have possession of a player card recognized by the League

3. Males must be 30 years of age at time of registration of the Fall or Spring session

4. Females must be 17 at time of registration and must have parents’ consent (parent will be asked to sign the roster prior to playing)

5. Commercial Shin guards are mandatory

6. No jewelry

Basic League Rules:

1. Each team must field a minimum of 2 female players on the field

· If a team is unable to field the proper number of Females (2 in small gym, 2 in big gym) they may play the game, however the female positions on the field may not be filled during play. The team can play with one female, but the other spot CANNOT be replaced by a male. If a team has no female players from their roster for the scheduled game, it is deemed a forfeit.

2. Rosters will consist of 8 PAID players until each team has met the team requirement

3. Teams may not recruit from other teams to play, if not enough players then it is deemed a forfeit

4. Players cannot be rostered on more than one team

5. Game time will consist of two 25 minute halves and 5-minute half time

6. No play zone – no player from either team can touch or play the ball in this area, including on the line. Player cannot stand outside the area and extend body over the line into the area to play the ball

· Violation by defender will result in a goal

· Violation by attacker will result in a goal kick

· The whole ball must be outside of the no play zone to be live

· Resting ball in no play zone results in a goal kick

7. No goals can be scored from behind the half line

8. Ball to be played backwards at the spot of the foul call

9. Cannot use the walls and bleachers as support. Nor is it acceptable to pin a player into corners or against the wall.


11. NO kneeling down to block shots on goal

Small Gym Rules (5V5):

1. If the ball goes behind the goal (by either team) proper restart is a goal kick

2. There is no height requirements in the gym, if ball makes contact of an object is deemed out of bounds (ex. Running track, scoreboard, basketball hoops).

3. If ball contacted blue mat it is deemed in bounds

4. If ball goes behind the goal (by either team) proper restart is a goal kick

Large Gym Rules (6v6):

1. If the ball goes behind the goal (by either team) proper restart is a goal kick

2. If the ball goes behind the bleachers (by either team) proper restart is a goal kick

3. Scoreboard or basketball hoops are considered out of bounds

4. Any play off the wall is considered in bounds, no height requirements in the gym (ex. Above the tan line)

5. When the ball goes into the corner of the bleachers on both sides of the court or into the doorway, you must allow player to exit area

6. A ball that bounces off the edge of the lowest bleacher is deemed still in play

Certified and USASA referees will be enforcing the rules of the game. All rules are designed to minimize unnecessary contact between players and increase the soccer experience. Red card infractions will have a minimum of one game suspension and a $50 fine. Remember this is a recreational league for fun.