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Currently we have two leagues, Coed and Competitive.  The indoor seasons run through the Fall and Winter followed by a Summer season for both leagues.

- Coed is a league designed for Men 30 or older and Women 17 or older who are also graduated from High School.  Must be of age before the league begins.

- Competitive Outdoor League is open to any player 17 or older.

- Parent Concent is required for all players under 18 years of age.  Parents are required to be present to sign the team roster with their player, also sign the player code of conduct, and attend membership and/or team captain informational meetings.

Contact Toni at office@westriveradultsoccer.com for more info.

REGISTRATION - This is a 3 step process.

- First - Every player must, once a year, register as a State Ameteur Player.  Doing so also provides general secondary insurance.  This is done through the State Association on a site called SportsPilot.  State Registration Link 

- Second - Every player must be invited to a team from a captain through a site our local organization uses called TeamSnap.   After accepting an invite, you must update your player profile and upload a "headshot" photo, like you get on an ID or Drivers License.  Please No hats or sunglasses, just a simple mugshot.

- Third - Every player must pay for his/her league fee ONLY AFTER receiving and accepting an invite to a team.  Each league has separate fees.  Currently the League Registration is the same for everyone.  Just have to select the correct payment.  DO NOT PAY FOR A LEAGUE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN INVITED TO A TEAM.  Click here to go to League Registration

- Finally - Every player must pay an annual WRAS Membership Fee, $10.  This helps cover administrative costs to run the organization.

Captains, picking up players outside the "player pool" after roster deadline? Click Here to pay your recruitment fee.

Players, did you forget to pay your annual WRAS membership (Player Card) fee? Click Here to pay your annual player card fee.

Players, did you lose your player card? Click Here to pay your replacement fee.

Get a red card? Click Here to pay your red card fee of $50.

League Laws and Rules

SD Laws - Compeitive Indoor Coed Indoor League Rules 
 Coed Outdoor League Rules