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"I ❤ West Laurel"
T-ShirtS for Sale

There probably isn't a day that goes by where you don't ask yourself, "How can I let everyone know how much I love my West Laurel community?" For those seeking the perfect answer to this question, we are happy to report that you need not look any further. Your personal "I ❤ West Laurel" t-shirt is awaiting.

These t-shirts are getting snapped up as soon as they are printed. Demand is out of control, with local residents ordering one, two, even FIVE shirts at a time. It's madness, I tell you. What's it like when you wear an "I ❤ West Laurel" shirt? Observe in wonderment as random people stop you on the street, asking where you got your shirt and how they can get one for themselves. Even folks living in Bowie want one.

How can you own a shirt? Just send an email to Dan van der Have, your local West Laurel enthusiast and Area 1 representative, at <danvanderhave@gmail.com> with your quantity and size requests. T-shirts are $10 per shirt. However, the actual street value is rumored to be somewhere between$10 and $1,000.

All proceeds go to the West Laurel Civic Association. Please show your support for the community by ordering your very own "I ❤ West Laurel" t-shirt today!


Thursday, May 20, 2021, 2020
7:30 PM via Zoom

Come to WLCA’s Spring General Meeting and engage with your community

After being cooped up inside or hard at work on the front lines, we hope you make time to come to WLCA's spring General Meeting, on Thursday, May 20th (as always, the third Thursday of October, February, and May) at 7:30 PM – again by Zoom. This is a great time to connect with others in our community, provide your advice on what WLCA should be doing, participate in WLCA's elections for officers and revised bylaws (see pages 10 and 13-14; hopefully you decide to get involved), and to hear our featured speakers from WSSC, on their major pipe work that is just starting along Riding Stable and Bond Mill Roads (see page 2-3); they will also have a Q&A session.

This will be WLCA's fourth General Meeting by Zoom, enabling easy and safe meetings on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or land-line (the latter of course only offering audio). To attend, please email (<bsw@jhmi.edu>) or phone (301-604-5619) to receive the log-in URL or phone number, passcode, and meeting ID. The connection will open at 7 PM, so folks have 1/2 hour to practice logging in and can call me to iron out any log-in issues. Easy-peasy!

Check out the latest issue of the WLCA "Hotline" newsletter. An archives of past editions is also available!