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First Vietnam History Book

The first Vietnam History (Vietnamese: Việt Nam sử lược (越南史略)), written in modern calligraphy, was compiled by  Trần Trọng Kim (18831953) ) in 1919 and published in 1920.  It was widely used by South Vietnam during the First Republic and subsequent government regimes before the Fall of Saigon.
It is made up of five historical periods:
Ancient Period (Vietnamese:  Thượng Cổ thời đại) From the Hồng Bàng to Triệu dynasties.
Northern Chinese Period (Vietnamese:  Bắc Thuộc thời đại) From the Triệu, Chinese Hans to Ngô dynasties.
Self-govern Period (Vietnamese:  Tự Chủ thời đại) From the NgôĐinhTiền LêTrần and Hậu Lê dynasties.
North-South Wars (Vietnamese:  Nam Bắc phân tranh) From the Mạc to Tây Sơn dynasties.
Modern Period (Vietnamese:  Cận Kim thời đại) From the Nguyễn dynasty to IndoChina wars.
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