Andrew Dung Lac

                                                                                                         Vietnamese Version
Dung Lac An Tran, Andrew (Vietnamese:  Anrê Trần An Dũng (Lạc)), priest; b. c. 1795 in Bắc Ninh, Tonkin; d. 21 Dec. 1839, Cầu Giấy, Tonkin.
When Dung Anh Tran was 12, his family moved to (Hà-Nơi) Hà Nội to find work. Although his parents were pagan, they allowed their son to receive instruction from a lay catechist so that he might benefit from the education generally denied the poor. He was baptized Andrew at Vinh-Tri. He studied Chinese and Latin, served as a catechist for ten years, and then was ordained to the priesthood in 1823. He was a tireless preacher—both by word and example—in several parishes until his arrest in 1835 as a Christian. His parishioners gathered the money needed to purchase his release. Thereafter, he changed his name from Dung to Lac in order to disguise his identity and went to another area to continue his ministry. On 10 November 1839, he was again arrested with another Vietnamese priest, Peter Thi. Both were freed once ransom was paid on their behalf, but they were soon arrested again and taken to Hà Nội, where priests of the MEP were singled out for especially harsh treatment and tortures.
Beheaded. Beatified 1900. Feast formerly on 26 Dec.