Stephen Theodore Cuenot

Cuénot, Étienne-Théodore (Vietnamese:  Étienne-Théodore Cuénot Thể), bishop, vicar apostolic; b. 1802 at Beaulieu, Besançon, France; d. 14 Nov. 1861, at Bình Ðịnh, Cochin-China.
He was ordained, became a member of the Mission Estrange de Paris, and was sent to Annam. In 1833, he was appointed vicar apostolic of East Cochin-China and consecrated bishop in Singapore. He labored in the missions, establishing three vicarates during his 25-year episcopate. When the persecutions heightened he was safely hidden until he had to emerge for water at which time he was arrested. He died of dysentery just before the edict for his execution arrived. Beatified 1909. Feast: 8 Feb.