Zombie Outbreak Arena

Zombie Outbreak Arena unblocked game offers to survive in the world of zombie apocalypse. Entire hordes of the walking dead roam cities, destroying the last surviving humans. But our hero is not easy prey at all. Brave, well prepared and armed, he is ready to sell his life dearly! Study the night city, collect useful supplies, at the same time coughing up all the zombies who met in the way. In the first stages, you will have to be content with an ordinary pistol - not too powerful, with slow reloading and single firing mode. However, it will gradually be possible to expand your arsenal - at the location you can find an assault rifle, shotgun and other weapons that make it easy to destroy entire crowds of zombies. But the walking dead are becoming more and more dangerous. First, their number increases. Then special zombies appear. For example, pleats - they do not need to get close to the hero in order to damage him. Therefore, be especially careful with them and try to destroy in the first place.

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