Kids vs Ice Cream

Kids vs Ice Cream unblocked game is a funny shooter in which you have to be a driver of an ice cream truck, who for some reason is tired of selling a treat loved by all children and decided to shoot this ice cream. The main goal of the game is to protect the ice cream machine from eating sweets by children. In general, we drive along the track and throw sweet balls at the children, so that they finally pull. For earned bonuses in between levels of the game, the ice cream maker can upgrade the car and weapons, improve ice cream recipes (well, to make it more sticky, for example, you can add some kind of syrup) - use the Upgrade Shop button to improve your gear. A cannon that fires ice cream balls overheats occasionally (a strip of temperature in the lower right corner of the game screen) and cannot fire, so use up ammunition wisely. Under the strip of temperature there is a strip of the integrity of your truck - if the children drive it to the base (that is, up to 0), the game will be lost. Also in the game there are additional bonuses - first-aid kits, coins, etc., arriving on balloons - shoot them to repair the car or get additional game coins.

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