Cactus McCoy

A strange event happened to the main character, which he did not expect at all in Cactus McCoy unblocked game. His adventure generally began with the fact that one formidable-looking uncle offered an impressive reward for the stone to be mined in a deep cave. Our hero agreed to the conditions, because money is not superfluous. He completed the task perfectly - he found a green stone with spikes found in the statue in the cave. After a successful sortie, he decided to take a nap and after some time woke up from an unpleasant feeling. The hero realized that because of the mined stone he was starting to turn! And indeed, his appearance has changed. He became a cactus man! The reincarnation was seen by a stranger who hastened to report this to the very uncle who needed a spiked stone. He became angry and appointed a reward for the hero's head. Your job is to save him from the bad guys.

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