Strike Force Kitty 2

In Strike Force Kitty 2 unblocked game - you will have to help kittens to take the fortress of foxes. Your group came to the coast of foxes on the submarine and landed on the earth. Exactly from here adventures of shock group of kittens begin. A game consists of 20 levels. Passing each level, your group will move ahead, constantly approaching the fortress of foxes. With each level the enemies will be becomes stronger, but there is more to come. On by simple guards, on the way of kittens big bosses who will be very difficult to be killed will meet. The point of a game remained the same. You manage group from 4 kittens who constantly run forward. On their way there can be different obstacles, traps and angry foxes. Killing enemies you receive production - artifacts and clothes. Separate things are parts of suits. Putting on on one of kittens a full suit - all group receives any bonus, such as: hacking of locks, double attack, destruction of barriers and other. You can dress not only the suits which are selected at foxes but also to create own as Batman or Darth Vader's popular suits! During passing of levels you also bring together a small fish which is so strongly loved by kittens from your shock group. In free time, they can visit the gym where it is possible to train properly. Force, speed and endurance is three main characteristics of your fighting kittens. It is necessary to pay for each training in accurate fish, but on another it is impossible. Turning point are characteristics of your kittens, the equipment which is put on on them and of course weapon. Pass levels, open chests, kill bosses and help kittens to take the fortress of foxes.

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