Earth Taken 3

Earth Taken 3 unblocked game invites fans of this adventure to once again fight alien invaders who decided to unexpectedly attack our planet. In this part, you will continue to fight, but this time all battles will be even more dangerous and bloody. In some situations, you may think that this is the end and there is no way out, and in order to continue you will have to squeeze all your will into a fist and move on, and do not forget that the existence of the entire planet and race of people depends on the actions of your hero. But what can one hero do against a whole horde of aliens, who, by the way, have already taken possession of almost the entire surface of the planet. It is also good that the aliens did not destroy people, although being slaves to the invaders is also not very good, and that no one thinks about the uprising was brainwashed by them all. But not everything is lost for our people and the planet, so some of the conquered can still be returned to normal life, after which they can be assembled for rebellion.

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