Age of War 2

Inspired by the success of the first part of the game about protecting your castle, the developers create the second part of Age of War 2 unblocked game, in which the tasks have not changed in principle and you also need to defend your lands and your home from attack by enemy forces. But what are the differences? The main difference affected the graphical component and the gameplay itself. In addition, new characters were added to the game, and the old ones were completely redesigned, and there were not one special attacks as before, but two, which cannot please. It is worth saying about the expanded weapon menu and the menu for modifying your tower or castle, in general, how you like it, although you will use it, depends on your strategy of behavior in the fight. You can either direct the full power of your created army, or to attack the enemy and seize his home, or to defend your own. In the first, as in the second case, you can improve the characteristics of everything that you see, towers, the skills of soldiers, and so on.

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