Steering Wheel Remote Control


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Steering Wheel Remote Control Functions

Steering Wheel Remote Control demonstration


Remote control attachment to the steering wheel

Remote control front side


Remote control back side


Microcontroller module 

Infrared module


Modified remote in its original package



This is a Pioneer CD-SR100 steering wheel remote control modified to work with Mitsubishi Pajero (NP MY06 Exceed) head unit. The modification is done by inserting a microcontroller chip. The microcontroller demodulates the 40KHz signal carrier and decodes the Pioneer key codes, encodes them to Pajero key codes and modulates them to 38KHz Pajero signal carrier.


The original CD-SR100 remote is powered by a standard CR2032 battery and could operate for about one year with normal daily usage. The modified remote is more power efficient (due to design improvement) and should run for up to twice as longer.


Remote control functions:

  • Control and switch between DVD - CD - MP3, FM1 - FM2 - AM,  SatNav, TV and Reverse Camera.
  • Step through preselected channels for TV and Radio
  • Radio channel search - up and down.
  • DVD - CD - MP3 previous / next track / title. Pause and play control.
  • DVD - CD - MP3 menu and track browse / select .
  • SatNav zoom in / out, repeat last voice prompt, change view controls.
  • Volume control and mute.


Known limitations:

  • The remote only works when the steering wheel is straightened (driving straight forward). This is because the remote control requires unobscured infrared light path to the front screen unit. It is not a big issue because in reality most of the time the car is driven straight forward.

  • The remote control doesn’t have a feedback from the front unit. If the front unit operation mode is changed via the factory keys, the arrow keys may not work as expected. For example if the remote control has selected the TV mode, the left/write arrows will function as previous next channel. If the front screen unit is subsequently switched to SatNav via the factory unit key, the remote left/right arrows will not perform zoom in/zoom out as expected. In this case simply select again the SatNav mode via the remote and this will switch the arrows keys to the expected functions.