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I am Vlad Apostolov and this is my home hobby business Unique Design Concepts. I started back in 2003 with my first product – a car TV conversion kit for the Toyota Soarer. Since then I have designed and released nine different products and I am currently working on the tenth.

The common thing between these ten products is that they are a unique collaboration of sophisticated firmware and electronics hardware design, the end result of which is achieving a goal that no one else has attained previously.

Each one of these projects involves research, firmware and hardware design and development, rigorous testing, component sourcing and procurement, PCB design, manufacturing, documentation, marketing, sales, accounting and customer support. Last but not least it also involves a lot of passion, innovation, non standard thinking and ingenuity.

Most of these products have been very successful and popular amongst the hundreds of satisfied customers using them. My products are used in Australia, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherland and NZ. Customer feedback is available on this link:

Customer Feedback

I would like to stress that my hobby business activities are being performed in my spare time after work and on weekends only.

During business hours from 9.00am to 6.00pm I am 100% focused and dedicated to my current full time job. If you wish to call me on 0411 350 700 with questions about my products please do it after hours or during weekends only. It would be unfair to my current employer to spend time during business hours for my home business. The best way to contact me is via email to udc.aus@gmail.com. I will try to reply the same day after business hours.


Bellow are links to my projects: