We are excited to present a new quarter of a department project that provides undergraduates the opportunity to engage in mathematical research. Each team will consist of four undergraduates, two graduate students, and a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor will coordinate the research activity, provide references and overall direction. In the team, the graduate students will meet weekly with the undergraduates to explain the background material, show techniques to approach concrete problems in the team's subject and provide gentle direction where necessary.

Each team will give a 15-20 minute presentation of their work at the end of the quarter.  All faculty, graduate students and undergraduates will be invited to attend these presentations.  Ideally, the research should lead to a poster presentation or the submission an article to the UCR undergraduate journal.  Regional mathematics conferences are another place where the results of the research can be presented.

The faculty organizers of this program are Vyjayanthi Chari, Kevin Costello and Jose Gonzalez

A list of the faculty, graduate student mentors and CNAS advisors can be found here, while current projects can be found here.  The list of past projects can be found here. As the program grows, we expect more faculty and graduate students will be involved, with a corresponding increase in variety of research topics.

Students can sign up for two units of credit with a grade of S/N with Shana Medah or Javier Ramirez