Art Appreciation

Day: Thursday

Frequency: 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month

Start time: 10:30 am

Venue : Milton Baptist Church, Baytree Road

Group Leader:


The Art Appreciation Group would usually meets from 10.30 am to 12.30pm .. on the first Thursday and third Thursday of the month

at the Milton Baptist Church hall, Baytree Road, BS22 8HJ

session fee applies ... and occasionally there are visits to exhibitions or

other arts events which may differ from this general guide.

At the Milton Baptist Church hall, the usual £2.50 U3A session fee is payable (includes tea or coffee).


Thursday 15th September 2022
Arts & Crafts Movement

We next meet at Milton on September 15th (10.30am) when we shall be looking at the Arts and Crafts movement with a particular emphasis on William Morris. There is no meeting in August


The Glasgow Boys -Thursday 21st July 2022

Jan Cox led us through an enlightening exploration of The Glasgow Boys and as ever we were pleased to benefit from his professional expertise. The slides he showed us can be accessed via this link:


19th May 10.30 am

Milton Baptist Church Hall

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

We are to have another visit from our friend Chris Rivett from Bristol U3A who will lead us in an exploration of the life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh the Scottish architect and artist and his wife.

We were very pleased to welcome Chris Rivett from the Bristol U3A to our first meeting for over two years and she gave us an interesting insight into the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife - a fitting beginning to the restarting of our meetings. If you would like to look again at the slides Chris used or see them for the first time the link is below together with a copy of her accompanying notes which she has kindly shared with us:

Charles Mackintosh notes can be found at Charles Mackintosh

16th June 10.30 am

Milton Baptist Church Hall

Using Felt in Art

We shall discover the different ways felt is used as a medium in art

21st July 10.30 am

Milton Baptist Church Hall

The Glasgow Boys

We look forward to welcoming again another friend of the group Jan Cox who will engage with us this time about The Glasgow Boys’. He says of them: "The Glasgow Boys were a loose grouping of artists in Scotland at the end of the 19th century, who rejected 'the gluepots' of the Royal Scottish Academy; many journeyed from Scotland to France for their inspiration. Artists such as James Guthrie, John Lavery and Arthur Melville embraced French Naturalism and created a new style of Scottish art. We follow their fascinating journey from rebels to establishment figures’.

20th January 2022 : 10.30am - Zoom Meeting


Art and Religion challenging us to consider what constitutes a religious piece of art - does the image need to have a specifically religious (not necessarily Christian) theme or is it one that evokes an emotional response?

The link to view the talk is:

The two parts of the talk are continuous so only one link is required.

17th March 2022:

Milton Baptist Church Hall

'Inside Out’

We look at how art history depicts the buildings that frame our lives – our use of the interior space and how the exteriors impact on our lives.

The March session was a double act between Sandy and Ken entitled “Come Into My Parlour’ and ‘Come Outside’ and featured a wide variety of pictures on the ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ hence the over-arching title of ‘Inside Out’.

If you would like to view the related recordings the links are below (there is rather a long pause at the beginning of the ‘Parlour’ session but, fear not, Sandy IS there):

Come into my Parlour:

Come Outside:

to December 2021 ZOOM

Art Appreciation Past Programme with Links to Recordings

March 18th: Titian -

Art and Life of Titian.

You may find the recordings take a little while to ‘load’ and the initial 30 seconds of me rather irritating but if you do have the interest and patience to watch them I would appreciate some feedback as to the value of using such a technique.

Titian (1) - first part of talk:

Titian (2) - second part of talk:

Thursday April 15th (10.30am)

Caspar David Friedrich

He has become the ‘Painter of

Stillness’ – the king of contemplative landscape.

Part 1:

Part 2: (my recording techniques are showing some improvement but the first 20 seconds of this recording are a bit unnecessary - my fault entirely!!)

Thursday May 20th (10.30am)

Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel

We shall explore the life, work and relationship of Rodin and Claudel mainly from Claudel’s

angle. We shall see her as student, assistant and mistress of Rodin, and discover what a

great talent she had and how her life ended in nightmare.

If you would like to see the talk again or view it if you missed it please use the links below:

First Half:

Post coffee - second half:

As usual ignore the first few seconds of each recording.

If you would just like to see the slides please use this link:

Thursday June 17th (10.30am)

Food and Drink (postponed from March 2021)

To whet our appetites, we shall look at artworks featuring food and drink, and the occasions

and locations of which they are an important part.

If you would like to see the presentation again or explore it for the first time the links are as follows:

Food and Drink (1)

Food and Drink (2)

Thursday July 15th (10.30am)

The Art of the Dance

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, and then join the dance.”
Sosaid the philosopher Alan Wilson Watts and how appropriate this is for us all today.

Hopefully you will join ‘The Art of the Dance’ as we look at its many and varied

representations depicted in paintings, photography and sculpture.

The links for the talk are below:

First Half

Second Half:

September 16th: Champion of the Aboriginals: Emily Carr

Emily Carr - a Canadian artist inspired by the indigenous peoples of the North West Coast was one of the first in Canada to adopt a Modernist and Post-Impressionist painting style.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

October 21st: ‘Work and Play’

A social history depicted in Art, following the Industrial Revolution and its influence on both the work and leisure of the masses.

The links for recordings of the two presentations are below:

Work and Play 1

Work and Play 2

November 18th: ‘Incarceration, concentration, extermination’

A view of life in POW camps through the art of inmates. To view recordings of this lecture use the links below - you made need to install a mp4 applicaton/program

December 16th: ‘Pot Pourri’

A selection of short presentations by members on aspects of art that particularly interest them

Our Pot Pourri session on December 16th was rather hampered by some technical difficulties so all the contributors were not able to share the material they had prepared which was very unfortunate. Fortunately, however, all the sessions had been recorded and the links are below. If you have the opportunity do explore them as they cover a number of very different topics.



Evacuation of Art treasures during WW11:


Christmas Art: