"Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?" - Marilyn Monroe

I am the official Old Guy of the team. (Found out yesterday that I am more than twice as old a Brian.) Not really sure how I got talked into this but I'm not getting any younger, and besides Mike needed someone on the team who would drink beer with him.

My first thought when Mike and Brian (the chief instigators of the team) proposed entering an old Volvo was wouldn't an old Honda or Toyota be a better starting point. Now that we've done some work on the 122, it's become obvious that it is totally simple and very repairable. This particular car is beyond restoration by any reasonable person, therefore it is the perfect candidate for the LeMONS race.

The other good thing about the Volvo is that Mike has a collection of old Volvos and parts. Need some suspension bushings, no problem, there's some up in the barn on the spare front-end that's up there. Concerned about using up the clutch during the race, we'll take a few spare clutches from the barn.

Anyway, I think this out-does Brian's page for lameness. Click here to get back to the tunachuckers homepage.

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