She comes in colors everywhere

Despite our team's commitment to Demotivation, we are merely human, and on occasion we do need something to lift our spirits. Something to maintain focus. Some sort of additional drive. And, as the past inhabitant of nearly a dozen homes and apartments, I can attest to the fact that nothing makes a home feel so much like yours like a fresh coat of paint.

OK, so the 122 is not a home. With the roll cage installed, you'd be hard pressed to sleep in it. But still, it would be nice to replace that dingy, rusty, peeling veneer it currently wears with something a little brighter. But first, for posterity, let's look at the existing patina. As you peruse the album below, you'll notice the car wears its paint like a tree's rings, each different color chronicling a distinct point in the car's life. The Amazon seems to have left the factory in Sweden sporting a flashy red hue, which, in time, was painted over with yellow. Finally, as seems to often happen, a slapdash white paint job was Earl-Schibed (probably not too long ago), with liberally applied bondo undeneath.

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Now that you have enjoyed (tolerated) my artistic camera work, here's the end result, after a solid hour of rust grinding and a quart and a half of Rustoleum Hunter Green, er, I mean, British Racing Green. Actually, BRG was traditionally whatever color of green they happened to have down at the local hardware store, so you might say we are holding true to tradition here!

Yup, that sure is a good 50/50 paint job. And it will be looking fine from 50 feet at 50 miles per hour. Of course, we left the Charlie the Tuna door unpainted; it shall wear its mural with pride! The Demotivational posters will bespeckle the remainder of the car, covering some of my amateurish spray job.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to send in my application to work at Maaco.

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