(well...sort of)

Jamie and Rob are the only two Tunachuckers who have not yet written a page/bio/cerebral outspewing blog. The plan now is to embarrass them into doing so.

First, we'll take Jamie. While you have seen pictures of him on ANOTHER PAGE, heck, you don't know, he could just be some guy with a young daughter and a blue Ford who stopped over to see what all the noise was about. Unfortunately, Jamie has taken off work today (he claims to install a shower in his bathroom...we think other activities may be afoot), so all I have is pictures of his workspace.

This is Jamie's computer and desk.

THis is the rear wall of his cube. Note the GA Tech poster, Asian woman calendar, fan.

Yes, Jamie does indeed have a family. Nobody seems to know how he ended up with a daughter this cute. It must have come from the mom.

Like the other Tunachuckers (except Matt, who doesn't work for the same Wabtacular employer as the rest of us), Jamie spends his 40+ a week designing train bits. And dueling with large glow sticks.

We all like Jamie's nuts. Who wouldn't? They're magnetic.

Jamie, if you're reading this: Write something!

Rob, if you're reading this: You're next!

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