Race Videos

This is a collections of short video's of lap from the CMP event July 26 and 27 2008

First up is Rob:

Next is Brian:

Then comes Mike:

And Finally Matt:

Anthony's Test Drive:

Jamie's Short Drive:

A video by Team Quattro Libre. At about the 5 minute mark you can begin to see our car, and around 6 minutes, there's some pretty good racing action (even though they did force us into the dirt at the end *grin*)


And the Animal House Team with their Deathmobile Thunderturd happened to catch a great few laps with us...before we dusted them:


Hmmm...I think this is where brian knocks Cartman off the Escort! Man, he really got squirrelly in that turn.


And here one of the Impalas catches fire...later in the video, you can see the video-cammed car pull up behind us for the caution laps. I believe Jamie was driving, and this was towards the end of the race.


As we cull more videos from the depths of the World Wide Web we'll post them here...

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