The guy who really can't afford this race

So Brian was initially faced with a conundrum of sorts. Loving cars and racing and all things motorsport, he set out to try and do something about it, only to find an empty wallet. What to do??

Go drag racing!

It's pretty cheap, very addictive, and

you can go fast pretty quickly with very

little to get you started.

The car on the left ran a 12.76 one day with a bit more than $2500 into it including paint and buying the car.

Plus it helped that my Dad's car was this:

His is a bit faster than mine was. Super Stock will do that.

So now I am told that we can do this LeMons thing really cheaply and of course it will be fun. To quote Rob, "This can't not be fun". I'm in, even the pregnant wife says yes. Then we add up the costs and find out the $500 thing is fine, but safety equipment, roll cages and tires and whatnot really end up costing us a bit more than initial budgetary estimates. The wife is now less than enthralled. Plus, I've certainly gone faster at the dragstrip than this car will ever go, but turning? before the race is over? What's up with that? I have some learning to do. My yard has never been as littered with partially whole hulks of cars like Mikes, but I have owned a bunch compared to normal people, but 80% of them have been small block Chevy having beasts, while the only car that was worth a darn in a turn was my Ford ZX2, and the rear sway bar fell off about 3 miles into me owning it (that's the Ford part) and afterwards it under steered worse than my current 72 GMC does now. I didn't care, which tells you a lot.

So, will we get finished? Certainly, the stupid thing already runs and probably handles better than anything I have ever owned. Will it go? I dunno, that 1.8L can't put down too much power or Torques (To paraphrase Jeremy Clarkson). Will it finish? A car nearly 40 years old that still runs and drives basically? Of course it will finish, unless we or another team breaks it. Will we win? No. Probably not, but ya never know. It's a pretty decent starting point, and better than most of us thought we'd end up with. Heck, one of our potential victims narrowly missed being chosen as a "Project car hell" winner by Jalopnik: Volvo PCH

Tunachuckers is most likely not the best name, but is it any better than the Corvette, which is named after a boat? Does the Corvette rock any less because of the name? I think we'll be fine. Plus, creativity is low at the moment, and letting Mike get his way is easier than fighting over something that I have no suitable alternative for.

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