A little bit of Bio.

OK so heres a little info about me and cars. Basically I'm sort of new to this car racing stuff. I had some racing experience with mini baja cars, read go karts that can float, during college (SAE Mini BAJA East 2001). I've actually only been doing the real car repair stuff for a couple of years. Always interested but never really jumped into it, kinda like an armchair mechanic. Oil changes, spark plugs, air filters aren't very challenging, but then in July of 06 I had my first taste of greasy, sweaty, bleedy, profanity enducing car butchering and i've been hooked since. I realize its extremely uncool that this first project was my dad's Dodge Caravan, actually a "Grand" Caravan. With nothing to lose, I dove into it wrenches flailing and only the editors of Haynes and Chiltons at my side and when finished I actually had repaired a completely shot cooling system, leaking axle seal and cv boot, and power steering pump and piece of sh**t transmission (ultradrive, arrrggghh!)

Next was a some work on a VW beetle that had been in my family since new (the blue one). No big project, it was in good condition, but fun nevertheless. We used to have two of them at one time.

Currently my project is a 83 Ford F150 4x4 with a mean-ass bumper that used to house a winch. I woke up one Saturday morning after a night of drinking, and remembering that I was wanting to do some grading with a bobcat at my folks house next weekedn and having nothing to tow a rented bobcat with, I came to a stunning realization (morning afters are great for that)....... screw it I'll just buy an old truck instead to trying to find a rental tow vehicle. So from the Iwanna pages, 5 hours and 600 dollars later this truck was mine. It was the first and only ad I contacted: does it run? yah but with some leaks, it'll do. Excellent engine: 300 straight 6. It can tow a bobcat no problem, stopping is another adventure tough. It is loud driving it, so loud with windows down that when towing a small trailer full of mulch (it was also very windy), I couldn't hear that a trailer tire ripped off and it was riding on the rims..... for 5 miles. I later followed the marks in the pavement to find where it happened. Truck pulled it no problem though.

Ah, then theres my everyday ride: I try not to mess with it, since it still runs great, knock on wood. 2003.5 Mazda Protege 5. Great sporty little car, but could use more oomph, a $2000 turbo kit would to it, but at 90k miles, uh maybe not.

And so below, I little clip from Dilbert that best illustrates the current state my days, these days.

So with my free time decreasing exponentially, I still wanted to be a part of the action with the Tunachuckers car. I realize I am posting all this info kinda late , after the race is over, but it was so much fun just to be a part of it. We should do it again.