Boy Scout Backpacking Checklist

Tips to Survive in Backpacking :

Backpacking Checklist

Every scout must have:

____ Pack (and rain cover)

____ Sleeping Bag (in waterproof bag)

____ Sleeping Pad (closed-cell foam)


____ Pants (wool pants are best)

____ Shirt (long sleeve, wool preferable)

____ Long underwear

____ Sweatshirt or extra wool shirt

____ Warm hat and gloves

____ Socks (3 pair), wool is best

____ Backpacking shoes

____ Sunhat

____ Rain jacket, pants or poncho (depending on the weather - check the weather report)


____Suntan lotion (SPF 15 or higher)

____Chapstick or lip protection

____insect repellent


____Emergency food (does not require cooking)


____Mess kit (utensils and drinking cup)

____Canteen or water bottle



____First aid kit (note: make sure you discuss epipen, inhalers and prescription medicine with the scout master)

____Hiking poles (optional)


____Matches (in waterproof container)

____Plastic garbage bag (to cover the backpack and for trash)

____Camping chair (optional)

____Duct tape (optional but very useful)

____Maps, tide charts

____Bear canister (depending on the location this may be mandatory)

Personal Care Items:

____Toilet paper (small amount; biodegradable)

____Trowel (depending on the location)

____Toothbrush and toothpaste

____Soap and washcloth (small hand towel)

Patrol Items

____Tent(s) and Fly (must have enough space for all patrol members)

____Tarp or Plastic to go under tent(s)



Note: white gas stoves and fuel are best for high altitude and cold conditions

____Pots for cooking (and heating water) Make sure the pots are consistent with the meals you planned.

____Pot scrubber and soap


____Plastic garbage (small)