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Gabriel and Drew are the recipients and will each receive 50% of the proceeds from the 2015 Tour De Kale.

Gabriel Davis

G Gabriel was born on May 3, 1987 and raised in Denton NC. He attended South Davidson High School where he graduated in 2003. Gabriel later helped coach the girl’s varsity basketball team at South Davidson.

After graduating from high school, Gabriel attended college at UNC Charlotte. He then attended Queens University where he graduated in 2008 with a RN Nursing degree.

Gabriel has worked in several hospitals during his career. He worked in the emergency room at Thomasville Medical Center. Gabriel most recently worked at Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte where he was employed at the time of his accident. He worked in the trauma center, operating room and emergency room there.

Even though Gabriel had a busy schedule with college and later his nursing career, he still gave his time at Providence Baptist Church working with the youth soccer program. He continued to do this up until his accident.

Gabriel was an avid bike rider. He started a bike club in Charlotte that met every Thursday. Gabriel enjoyed other interests as well that included spending time at the lake riding his Sea-Doo and kayaking.

Gabriel loves to travel. He has traveled to Europe twice, been to California and rode a train to New York. During his travels, Gabriel shared his friendly outgoing personality with everyone he met and formed many friendships. Still today, many of these friends from those countries and across the U. S. still make an effort to stay in touch and keep current with Gabriel’s health condition that has resulted from his car accident.

Gabriel was in a very bad car accident on May 14, 2014. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that has left him totally disabled and dependent on someone else for his every need. Gabriel requires 24/7 care and supervision. Needless to say, some of the care and supervision he needs requires payment.

The costs associated with Gabe’s care are growing. His father had to have a wheelchair ramp built in order to get him in and out of the house. The entire front room of his father’s house has been transformed into a “hospital like” room to help provide Gabe’s needs. Along with the hospital bed, his father also had to purchase one of the medical alternating air mattresses to keep Gabriel comfortable. Because Gabe cannot move on his own, the alternating air mattress provides the movement to help prevent pressure points and keep him comfortable.

The bathroom door in his father’s home had to be reconstructed in order to allow room for Gabe’s wheelchair. Even with the door expansion, a special shower still needs to be added that will allow room for him to be pushed in for a shower. This is something that is currently being worked on as funds permit. There will be many costs associated with future home reconstruction as needed in order to continue to provide and accommodate for Gabriel’s special needs.

Whenever Gabriel has a doctor appointment, his father has to hire a special needs van and driver to take him back and forth. The van is set up to transport Gabe safely and comfortably while he is in his wheelchair. The round trip travel costs associated with one doctor’s appointment is very high. Gabriel’s father needs to purchase a van that is equipped properly so that he can take Gabe back and forth to his doctor’s appointments and therapy appointments without all the costs and delays associated with hiring a van and driver.

There are many out-of-pocket costs associated with Gabe’s care that are small but necessary. Things used to give him a bath and hygiene care as well as clothing needs and special eating accommodations adds costs to the bottom line daily. Although some of these costs may be small, they add up to be costs that are hard to meet at times while trying to also provide Gabriel’s bigger needs.

Drew Hill

D Drew had a severe seizure and was taken to Thomasville Medical Center on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014. After a CT scan, we were told he had a brain tumor and he was transported to Forsyth Medical Center. An MRI revealed a “grapefruit sized” tumor in his right frontal lobe. He had surgery on June 26, 2014 and was diagnosed with Grade 3 Oligoastrocytoma Brain Cancer. They were unable to remove the entire tumor because it was too close to his motor-strip and could cause permanent damage to his left side. He underwent 6 weeks of radiation and then started chemo one week a month, which he will take for 12-18 months. His chemo dr wanted Drew to go to Duke for a second opinion, but because he has no insurance they will not see him. He has not been released to drive or work due to his continued chemo and because he still takes seizure medication three times a day. He is the father of a 5 month old son, Daylin Conner Hill.


Although Mike was not chosen as a beneficiary this year, we are conducting a ticket raffle and all proceeds from the raffle will benefit Mike.

Mike Irby

M Mike grew up in the mountains of NC, Brevard was my home. Graduated from Brevard Sr High and went on to Brevard Jr College before joining the Navy, served from 1967-1971. Met my wonderful wife in Brevard, we were married in 1967. 2 children & 5 grandchildren later we now reside in Denton NC. Worked at United Brass Works Inc. in Randleman for 26 years before retiring as Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

My wife is Fran Irby-ran Papa’s Pizza for years and she was a sub teacher. Daughter Sandy Lewis-Married to Billy Lewis Jr. Her two children are Ethan Amstutz and Ashley Amstutz. Son David Irby worked for the Denton Police Dept. for 5 years works at Thermo now. His wife is Rebecca Irby. His 3 boys are Joshua Irby, Caleb Irby, and Dustin Rosenbaum. We all live in Denton and all 5 grandkids graduated from South. I also Pastor a church, True Worship Church of Denton and my son David is the Assistant Pastor.
As most of you know I’ve battled Cancer/MDS for the past 7+ years. I’ve been on different drugs-chemo for the past 5 years. Each has worked for 2 years or so then it quits. I’m starting a new one Monday which at this time looks like the last one that will help me. Had to have a dual port put in today for it. We went and talked to the Bone Marrow Replacement team Thursday, Fran, my Sister Donna and me. Donna, we are hoping will be a match. She was tested Thursday and we should know in about three weeks. When we end up going the transplant route Fran and I are going to need some help. Along with your prayers we dearly covet we will also need finical help! We found out after the transplant I will have to stay in Durham for about 90 days. Have to go to the Bone Marrow Clinic daily and be closely monitored. It has come down to having this done or my time on this old Earth is coming to a close. But I do know, if I go or if I stay, I’m a WINNER either way! My Lord and savior Jesus Christ has promised me a place with him and that’s good enough for me. Naturally I’d love to stick around here a while longer and pester Fran and David and Sandy and all the grandkids. But that won’t happen without the transplant. That’s where y’all come in. They are going to set up an account to help pay the bills, I’ll get back with you later on that but the Apartment they want me to stay in is $2800 a month and my insurance pays ZERO of that. Did I mention I NEED HELP! $2800 X 3 months=$8400! Once the account is set up, as you can see every penny will help! More to come later, not big on airing my health issues to everyone but I’m learning, we ain’t on no island down here. Godspeed to all and keep those Prayers coming!

Needless to say, medical bills-expenses have been mounting these past 7+ years and with the Bone Marrow Transplant looming we need help. God Speed to you and your wonderful organization.
Mike Irby

2015 Sponsors

Flagship Sponsor

Loflin Fabrication has been an integral part of our success for many years. Thanks guys!


Platinum Sponsors

Novant Health

Novant Health-001

Denton Farmpark for generous use of the farmpark.

Austin Peacock for donating his billboard on Hwy 109.

High Rock Hosiery for their amazing socks

Gold Sponsors

Lee Compton – $1,000
RP and Penny Hughes – $1,000
Deric and Melisa Skeen – $1,000
Chris and Sheri Skeen – $1,000
Larry Furr Enterprises for giving us storage space
Scott and Amy Yates – $1,000
Todd Nance – $1,000
Steven and Lisa Grubb – $1,000
Town of Denton for providing Harrison Park

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church for a wonderful meal

The Denton Orator for helping us get the word out through their newspaper

The Springs at High Rock for providing access to The Summit

Village Printing of Asheboro for printing posters and flyers

Silver Sponsors

Andrea and Darryl Duncan for dumpster donation
Ronnie and Virginia Harrison – $500
John and Sarah Grice – $500
Lineberry United Methodist Church – $500
Hurley Backhoe Services (910-571-0698) for port-a-potty donation

Alcoa – $500

BEEM Developmental Services – Anderson & Hickey Families – $500

Ultra-Mek Inc – $500

Canaan United Methodist Church – $500

Cheerwine  – $500.00

First Bank of Denton – $500

Bronze Sponsors

Wesleyan Church – $250
Joe Foley – $100
Mike and Genie Russell – $100
Odies Auto Sales – $100
Lifeguards – United Methodist Men’s Group – $100
Paul Mitchell Attorney – $100
Alvin and Angie Gallimore – $100
Beefy’s Furniture – $50
Papa’s Pizza – $50
Rock Garden – $25
Show Cars – $25

2015 Another great year for TDK!

By Kelly Bledsoe

Another great year in the books for the Tour De Kale as the 16th annual event winds down. Kale Watkins, namesake and first beneficiary said, “I can’t express how much this event means to me and how much I love all of the people involved.” According to Kale, the third Saturday in June is one of his favorite days of the year, every year. And with good reason…

“It is a day, when I look around, all I see is kindness, caring and sharing. No bickering or hate and discontent. An entire community joining together to make the lives of someone troubled just a little brighter. Speaking from personal experience, as a recipient of such generosity, I realize again each and every year that I’ll never be able to repay the kindness. Mainly because I receive as much joy from the other side now as I ever did as a recipient. Since it is so hard to express my joyfulness in words, I’ll explain this way:

Just before this year’s event, I received a letter from Michelle Chriscoe. Her daughter Courtney was the 2010 TDK recipient. Michelle gave us an update and told us that, ‘Courtney was able to have a major surgery to help improve her life. She is now 13 and doing great!’ What else could I possibly say that would explain it better? All of this hard work pays off and to the Denton Community; we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks Again!”
Kale vocalizes the sentiment of all involved in TDK. The event is truly remarkable. Remarkable in organization. Remarkable in participation and level of competition. Remarkable volunteers. Remarkable sense of community. Remarkable sponsors. Tour De Kale has helped so many people. The event is a total reflection of the giving spirit and goodness of this community who continue after 16 years to still pay it forward fulfilling the mission to help others in their time of need. Once again a huge thank you to all the sponsors. A list of sponsors and race results can be viewed at www.tourdekale.com. 
Over 380 riders took off from the Denton FarmPark in the intense heat. Two hundred and twenty runners filled Harrison Park after a severe storm rolled through earlier in the afternoon. Neither the heat nor the storms dissuaded folks from participating to help this years recipients Gabe Davis, Drew Hill and raffle recipient Mike Irby. Although financial figures were not available at press time each one of these recipients will benefit monetarily but more importantly they are now members of the TDK family for life; because the level of compassion doesn’t end at the close of the day, the support is infinite.

Lisa Grubb, organizer of the 5k night run commented, “The level of support we receive from the community is amazing. In fact, this years event seemed almost easy.” After 16 years she has witnessed some amazing occurrences. However, this year she was touched even more so when she went to the laundry mat to wash all the towels used during the event. With over 600 participants, that’s a lot of towels! The remarkable thing…when she returned to put the towels in the dryer she found them all dried and folded on the table waiting for her. There really are angles among us!