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Kale Watkins "sweet girl Suwee memory" 2003-12

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I have to tell you that I lost my sweet girl Suwee . She wasn’t feeling well and when I took her to the vet we found a tumor on her spleen. The vet consulted with me and said the best plan was to go in to remove it, and if he found that she was consumed by cancer, (as is the case many times with spleen cancer) it would be best to let her go. I am grateful that I was able to spend some quality time with her before she went in. I held her paw until she was sedated then they took her away for surgery. She was 10 days short of her 9th birthday and was never alone a single day during her entire life. Not many dogs can say that. I’m going to really miss her and I know most of you loved her too. If you have a dog, hug them tight because they are not here for very long. If you don’t, you have not truly lived. I hope to see you again someday Suwella Deville."
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