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Recipients for 2011

[1] Sidney Absher, from Denton - Liver Complications
 Sidney Absher was a long distance truck driver while driving in Dec 09 he blacked out and wrecked. while in the hospital the doctors ran test to see why he passed out. They found he had a ulcer that had ruptured and he lost a lot of blood. More test showed that he also has a fatty cirrhosis of the liver( not alcohol related). Since this initial hospital stay, Sidney continues to lose blood and has to have blood transfusions. He also has to have fluid removed from his abdomen with a total of 102 lbs been removed to date. He lost his job and insurance and has not been able to work since. Sidney is on a restricted date, he can't eat anything with sodium and must have very lean meat. A most recent hospital stay at Chapel Hill Sidney was told he had several things against him as far being able to have a liver transplant. Without a transplant his illness is terminal, with it, his medicine will be 5,000 a month. Sidneys wife is on disability due to being hit with a fork truck at her job which resulted in breaking her neck. Because of red tape her check has been stopped( saying she had been overpaid) Sidney and Teresa wanted to express sincere gratitude to everyone for their help
Update on Sidney Absher  3/17/2011 by Faith Martin Singleton
Wanted to update everyone on Sidney Absher. He has been back at Chapel Hill for the last 3 days and was sent home today with the news that he would not be getting the transplant he needs. More test revealed problems with his heart and they said he would not survive the surgery. The doctors said if all went well he may have another year or possibly 2, it would be one day at a time.

UPDATE: Sidney Absher,  passed away May 7, 2011, had battled a variety of health issues including a ruptured ulcer and non-alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. Despite his untimely passing, the Tour De Kale will carry on with its mission to help his family in their time of need.

[2] Todd Nance, from Denton - Accident with legs and hip injurys etc. 
Todd Nance is a 40 year old from Denton who was in a 4 wheeler accident on Feb 12 in Laurinburg, NC; He was airlifted to Chapel Hill where he spent 10 days. He has 1 broken leg and fractured hip ( leg has 20 broken bones) steal rods had to be put in his leg; Broken maxilla bone in his face, bruised liver , and several broken ribs, 5 fractured vertebraes and a blood clot. He underwent a long surgery on his legs and will not be able to put any weight bearing on them for at least 3 months. He is currently at Lexington Health & Rehab for the next 3 months to do physical therapy. Where he is learning to do the basics again. His hobbies before this was riding 4 wheelers and snow skiing. He owns his own computer business techsetup.com which he has had for the last 8 years .